I have to admit that I am superficial, even when it comes to buying sanitary pads. I am drawn to beautiful packaging and more importantly, brands that claim to be thin yet highly absorbent, especially for overnight pads.  Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight Pads (32cm) and Day Pads (24cm) stole my heart way before this review came along and I have been a loyal supporter ever since. 

Most, if not all ladies experience heavier flow during the first two days of our menstrual cycle and all we want to do is to feel comfortable and dry all day long without having to worry about leakage at any point.
Don’t we all worry about leakage when we are out or when we head to bed? The Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight Pad takes it upon itself to free you from leakages and give you the comfort you deserve with 3x faster absorption. It is the pad that will help you realize that overnight period leakage is never your fault and I speak entirely from experience. I use the Overnight Pad during my heavy flow days and I have nothing but praises for it.

Appearance matters. The sleek black packaging and individually wrapped pads in an array of fun vibrant colours lift up my mood instantly.  Gone are the days when you have to hide and feel ashamed of your thick, clinical-looking, diaper-lookalike pad.

The paper-thin pads also come in pretty pastel floral designs that will set your heart aflutter. Indeed, times have changed and aside from its chic packaging, here are more reasons why Kotex LUXE is a notch above the rest:
1) New Honeycomb Liquid Locker
The blue portion of the pads that you see in the pictures below is the new honeycomb liquid locker that is specially designed to absorb and lock away fluids to prevent back flow, keeping your skin dry and comfortable all day.

2) New Ultra Comfort Cover
The soft cottony surface offers intimate care for your skin to ensure that you get the best of both worlds – comfort and dryness.
In my opinion, the level of comfort and dryness is unrivaled even during heavy flow. Both the Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight Pads (32cm) and Day Pads (24cm) are extremely thin and soft yet so incredibly absorbent, they do not irritate your skin and you’ll feel like you are wearing next to nothing.
3) New Surround Lock Protector
Do you see the surrounding embossed star contours? They offer additional leakage protection and security, so you’ll never have to worry again.

I applaud the Kotex LUXE Ultrathin range’s well thought through design and how it goes the extra mile to deliver both comfort and performance is highly commendable. If you have yet to try it for yourself, I strongly recommend that you do. I did, and I never looked back! 
Try a free sample of Kotex Ultrathin on Samplestore.com or head over to Kotex’s Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/kotexsingapore to redeem your free sample!