While I generally favour neutral colours and monochromatic tones, there are times when I shake up my wardrobe by injecting a splash of colours and bold prints. The same principle applies to my hair colour. I’ve never steered away from shades of ash, brown and blonde, but every now and then, I’ll take the plunge and go for colourful highlights. I had purple highlights about a year ago but this time, pink beckoned.
My hairstylist, Michelle Soh, from Jeric Salon at Bugis, gave me vibrant pink highlights without bleaching and as I am typing this post about 2 weeks on, my highlights are not showing any signs of fading. What I love about Jeric Salon is that only Aveda products and hair dyes are used. Unlike most brands, Aveda uses naturally-derived ingredients to ensure that your hair and scalp are well taken care of. With Aveda, I can now achieve beautiful colours without exposing my scalp to harsh chemicals and bleach. Killing two birds with one stone has never been easier!

I love my pink highlights so much that I decided to dedicate today’s edition of Fashion Fridays to an all pink ensemble that spells fun without compromising on femininity. I usually find midi skirts a little too formal for the weekend, but the whimsical prints on this 2-piece set takes the fun factor up a notch and makes it a great weekend outfit. 
I wore this eye-catching set out to run some errands before meeting up with my family and visiting my grandmother at her home in Tanjong Pagar. As age catches up on me, my priorities change and I see myself seizing every opportunity to spend time with my family and close friends.
On a more personal note, the month of April also marks the death anniversary of a close friend whom I lost to an accident many years ago. Goodbyes are never easy, but saying goodbye is not the hardest part of losing someone. Having to continue living your life without them is always the hardest. That feeling of emptiness, that very void that is impossible to fill.

Unfortunately, losing our loved ones is part and parcel of life, and something that we have absolutely no control over. Cherish every
moment and treasure every person that you love,
because you’ll never know when they’ll take their last breaths. 
If you haven’t made any plans this long weekend, perhaps you’ll like to make some time for your family and loved ones?

2 piece set from Smooch The Label
Bag from Valentino
Hair by Michelle Soh of Jeric Salon (Bugis)