I never ever leave the house without sunscreen, and if I had to choose one skincare product that I cannot do without, sunscreen would certainly be my choice. Luxola Singapore must have read my mind because they sent 3 sunscreen products my way recently. **Luxola has also extended a special discount code for my readers, so do read on till the end of the post to find out more!

I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing sunscreen to prevent pigmentation and premature aging. However, one man’s meat could jolly well be another man’s poison and this theory applies to sunscreen too. A particular sunscreen brand or formulation may glide onto your skin beautifully without any greasy after feel, but it could also make someone else look like she smeared grease onto her face.  

To find the right sunscreen that suits your needs, here are just some of the questions that you would need to answer:

What is your skin type?
Is your skin sensitive or prone to allergies?
Are you looking for a face or body sunscreen? 
Are you intending to use it in Singapore or overseas? 

To help you along, I will be using these questions as a basis to review the 3 sunscreen brands from Luxola.   
1) Lunamer UV Protector SPF 40 PA++ (S$42)
Lunamer hails from Japan, and if your skin is prone to irritation or allergies due to environmental aggressors like air pollution, you’ll be happy to know that all Lunamer skincare products, including this sunscreen, is formulated with ingredients such as Clear Nano Vitamin E, Crown Sugar and Japanese herb Scutellaria Baicalensis to protect the skin from air pollution and UV rays.
I have slightly sensitive oily skin that is dehydrated beneath and most sunscreens make my face look as shiny as a disco ball or in the worst case scenario, result in the formation of oil seeds on my face. 
What I love about Lunamer’s sunscreen is its serum-like texture which glides on like a dream and feels absolutely featherlight on my face. The lightweight yet hydrating formula makes this sunscreen perfect for our humid climate. 
Did you know that this multi-tasking product doubles up as a moisturizer and primer too? Not only am I able to simplify my beauty routine, it also ensures that my make-up stays put the whole day. If you have oily skin like me, you will love this. 
Sunscreen has to be reapplied every 2 hours, but most of us tend to neglect this aspect as it is such a hassle to lug it around. Thanks to Lunamer’s slim and handy packaging, you can easily pop this into your handbag and reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.
2) Soleil Du Midi Face Sunscreen SPF 45 (S$100)
I have always been intrigued by organic skincare products as I believe that reduced exposure to harmful chemicals benefits our skin in the long term.
Soleil Toujours is a luxury organic sun care brand and the Soleil Toujours Du Midi Face Sunscreen SPF 45 is a physical sunscreen with 81% natural ingredients. It also contains an innovative proprietary Eco-sun complex, which comprises powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients such as red algae, Vitamin C ester, Vitamin E and bisabolol. This anti-aging formula aims to hydrate and smooth fine lines.
Physical sunscreens like this one are usually more suitable for sensitive skin as its active ingredients include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are not absorbed into the skin. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, are absorbed by the skin and could potentially cause allergies.

Soleil Du Midi is specially formulated for use during intense sun exposure
but despite its skin loving properties, I find its thick consistency
harder to blend and it also leaves behind a slight sheen, which is typical of a physical sunscreen. One way to counter this is to dust on a layer of
loose powder to keep the shine at bay. Alternatively, you could also reserve
this for use when you travel to countries with drier climates.
3) Supergoop! Everyday SPF30 with Cellular Response Technology (S$68)
Supergoop! is a non-oily, non-comedogenic chemical sunscreen that can be used on both your face and body.
Its avobenzone based formula absorbs into the skin readily and it
replenishes moisture through a unique beta-glucan proven to deliver
better long term hydration than hyauluronic acid.

It comes with a convenient twist-and-lock pump but due to the sunscreen’s thin, liquid consistency, it can be rather challenging to control the amount of product dispensed. 
I have tried this sunscreen on both my face and body, and personally, I would recommend this as a body sunscreen. While it does not feel greasy when applied to the face, my skin looks much shinier than when I applied the other two sunscreens featured. When applied to the body however, this feels just like a regular body moisturizer, without any icky sticky after feel. It also makes a great sunscreen for sports or beach lovers as it is water-resistant for 80 minutes!

Each sunscreen has its pros and cons, and each product’s suitability is dependent on your skin type, the environment and climate that you are exposed to as well as the activities that you are engaging in. I personally prefer the Lunamer for daily use in Singapore, Soleil Du Midi for when I travel to temperate countries and SuperGoop! as a body sunscreen, especially when I head to the beach.
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