My previous trips to Hong Kong revolved solely around shopping, hence I decided that it was about time to pay a visit to some of Hong Kong’s best restaurants when I was planning for my recent trip in December. 
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon was one of the restaurants on my tick list and I made a lunch reservation there immediately after booking my air tickets and accommodation. Yes, that was how eager I was to secure a seat at the highly raved French restaurant which was awarded three Michelin stars by the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong and Macau for three consecutive years.
Located at Landmark Atrium at Central, the restaurant is easily accessible by MTR and usually fully booked, so do remember to make your reservations early. Reservations can be made through their website here
The contemporary decor exudes seductive charm while the casual atmosphere and cozy setting at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon was a breath of fresh air and made us feel right at home. We were seated at a circular bar facing the kitchen where we could feast our eyes on all aspects of the food preparation process, a refreshing change from the usual fine dining experience that we were used to. 

We truly enjoyed the vast selection of warm breads which went really well with the butter, and as much as we wanted to have seconds, it was best that we reserve our stomachs for the main highlights of our sumptuous lunch.

The lunch menus at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon are customizable and affordably priced at HKD$588 (3-course), HKD$698 (4-course) and HKD$838 (5-course) respectively. Every set comes with an amuse bouche, coffee and tea and mignardises (commonly known as petit four).
Amuse Bouche

For appetizers, we had the L’ceuf De Poule (crispy poached egg on mimolette cheese emulsion with “Iberico” ham) and La Saint-Jacques (pan seared scallops with crunchy endive salad and mango).
The crispy poached egg was an instant hit with us. The individual flavours of the mimolette cheese emulsion, crispy poached egg and Iberico ham meld together seamlessly to create an unexpectedly delicious entree. Bursting with flavours with every bite, this ingenious creation is one of the best entrees we have had.  

Appetizer: L’ceuf De Poule (Crispy poached egg on mimolette cheese emulsion with “Iberico” ham)
The pan seared scallops were fresh and succulent. What I liked most about this appetizer was the interesting play of textures in the form of thinly sliced croutons, mangos and greens, which added a delightful crunch to the dish.  

Appetizer: La Saint-Jacques (pan seared scallops with crunchy endive salad and mango)
For our mains, we had Le Saumon (semi-cooked Scottish salmon with teriyaki sauce and wasabi flavoured spinach) and Les Spaghettis (Maine lobster spaghetti and coral emulsion). 
You could also choose to have Pan-fried maigre with ginger in baby leek bouillon, or pick from their selection of meats, such as L’Agneau (roasted lamb leg with white beans and chorizo), La Volaille (chicken fricasse with Chateau Chalon sauce and mashed potato) and  Le Cochon Iberique (roasted Iberico pork “pluma” with broccoli puree and hazelnuts)

Mains: Le Saumon (semi-cooked Scottish salmon with teriyaki sauce and wasabi-flavoured spinach)
 The Scottish salmon could have been better marinated to enhance the sweetness of the fish but I loved that it was paired with wasabi-flavoured spinach to give it that extra kick.  

I can never say no to lobsters, and the Maine lobster spaghetti and coral emulsion made my heart skip a beat. The spaghetti was cooked al-dante and the Maine lobster was cooked to perfection, leaving the meat juicy and tender, creating a symphony of rich flavours that will certainly tantalize your taste buds. If you’re afraid that the tapas style servings here are inadequate, you should consider ordering this dish.
Mains: Les Spaghettis (Maine lobster spaghetti and coral emulsion)

The mashed potatoes side dish may look ordinary, but taste-wise, it was extraordinary. It was extremely smooth, fluffy and creamy, leaving us wanting more with every bite. I could have this as a snack everyday.

Mashed Potatoes

You could choose to end off the meal with a fine french selection of cheeses or desserts. We chose to go with desserts instead.   

Desserts: La Poire (cinnamon pear compote with caramel ice-cream)

The cinnamon pear compote with caramel ice-cream looked like an exquisite work of art but it tasted rather ordinary. In comparison, the classic Mont Blanc blew our minds. I usually try to steer away from heavier desserts such as Mont Blanc but this time, I couldn’t stop after taking my first bite. Absolutely divine.

Desserts: Le Mont-Blanc (classic Mont Blanc with chestnut ice-cream)
To round off our meals, we had a cup of tea each paired with petit four. I particularly loved the light and refreshing taste of the citrus flavoured fruit jellies.


Petit Four

 Hailed as the “Chef of the Century”, Joel Robuchon has since clinched a total of 25 Michelin stars across the chain of restaurants he operates in cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Bangkok and Hong Kong. No other chef in the world has achieved more Michelin stars than he has. 
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Hong Kong is definitely a must-try as it is the closest 3 Michelin star Robuchon restaurant to home and probably the most pocket-friendly one to boot.
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Hong Kong
Shop 315, 334 & 401, Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2166 9000