There are times when all I want to do is stay at home and take a break from everything as it helps me to recharge. What do I do when it’s time for lunch or dinner then? I’d either whip up a simple meal or turn to foodpanda for more food options.
What’s foodpanda?
Foodpanda is an online food delivery platform that is available in over 45 countries worldwide. 
you have to do is key in your postal code to find out which restaurants
are near you, browse through their menus, place your orders and your
meal will be delivered right to your doorstep. You can even opt for cash
on delivery if you prefer not to use credit card payment. 
No access to a laptop or computer? You can also download the foodpanda mobile app and use it place your orders. 

I’ve been using foodpanda for restaurant food delivery over the past two years, before this review opportunity even came up and it has never failed to deliver (haha!) when it comes to food quality and timeliness.

What did I order this time?

I usually order from Pasta Mania, but this time, I decided to try Indian Curry House. JW and I have been craving for Indian Butter Chicken and the numerous positive reviews online gave us the confidence to place our order with complete peace of mind.

We ordered a few other dishes to complete our meal and everything came within an hour. I was half expecting the food to be lukewarm, but was pleasantly surprised that every dish arrived piping hot.

As the portions were very generous, we invited a friend over to join us for dinner.

Butter Chicken & Kashmiri Rogan Josh

All of us were full of praise for the food as every dish was rich in taste and very flavourful. We initially thought that there would be more curry gravy than meat to fill our tummies, but every spoonful of curry came with slices of chicken or mutton to satiate the inner carnivores in us. We found both the Butter Chicken and Kashmiri Rogan Josh to be authentic and absolutely satisfying. 

Aloo Gobi

The Aloo Gobi is a delightful vegetarian dish to accompany your favourite curries. The mix of potatoes and cauliflowers cooked in a blend of Indian spices is so delicious, we wasted no time in wiping the plate clean.

Chill Honey Potatoes are another addictive snack that would serve well as a side dish too. These are essentially Indian-style french fries. I did wish the fries were crispier but the touch of Indian spices is sure to perk up your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Chilli Honey Garlic Potatoes

Would I order from Indian Curry House again? 
The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, throughout the meal, all three of us couldn’t stop nodding our heads in approval. 
Being able to enjoy restaurant food in the comfort of our home is one of the pleasures in life that we truly appreciate and relish. With foodpanda, this wish is easily fulfilled.  
Tired of takeaways, too lazy to eat out or cook? 

Perhaps it is about time you checked out foodpanda too!