I am a day late for my Fashion Fridays post, but I’m sure many of you would agree that it’s better late than never. The festive season never fails to put everyone in a holiday mood, and everyday feels as if the weekend has arrived. I’ve finally awoken from hibernation for a much needed stretch, which explains the lack of blog posts, but I’m now back in action. 
Today’s Fashion Fridays post centers around my new found favourite denim brand, Frame Denim. I came across this cult brand that originated from the US only very recently, during my trip to Hong Kong. Although Frame Denim was only established in 2012, it has fast secured a strong cult following among trend setters, including celebrities such as Mirander Kerr and Cara Delevingne.
Friends of mine would know that I hardly rave about denim jeans, and I have to admit that I was in two minds about this pair of Frame Denim jeans when the store assistant first picked it out for me. Granted, this was a pair of ripped skinny jeans, in white no less (I’ve been looking around for one like that), but I own several pairs of jeans, so how different could this pair of jeans be? It’s just another pair of jeans right?
 I have been proven wrong on many occasions recently, and this was yet another occasion. Never judge a book by its cover, they say, and in this scenario, you should never judge a pair of jeans by its appearance. 
I swear I have never worn a pair of jeans that’s more comfortable. It feels like second skin and fits like a glove. A look in the mirror was all it took for me to realize that the most amazing characteristic about this brand’s skinny jeans (also known as Le Skinny de Jeanne) is that it provides a slimming effect which elongates your legs and makes you look taller than you are. 
I was hooked. 
If you were wondering, this is the Le Skinny de Jeanne distressed mid-rise jeans, and I ended up buying this in black as well. A good friend had to stop me from getting more from net-a-porter, which stocks an extensive collection of Frame Denim jeans. 
I have been wearing both my white and black jeans a lot these days, and from the way things are panning out, more of these skinny jeans will be making their way into my wardrobe soon.

 Le Skinny de Jeanne distressed mid-rise Jeans from Frame Denim 
Clutch from Givenchy
Sneakers from Korea 
Vintage Perfume Ring from Select 18 (Hong Kong)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Fashion Fridays! 
Have a great weekend!