We were brought on a mini food
trail hosted by the lovely staff of
Julie’s Biscuit during our recent sponsored trip to Malacca and while I
can’t speak on behalf of everyone, I for one couldn’t stop munching on
the delectable delights that the vibrant city had to offer. 
Malacca is a food haven, there’s no doubt about that. Give me chicken rice balls, chendol, nyonya food and durian puffs any time, any day. 

Let’s start with Jonker Walk, one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Malacca. Lined with street hawkers peddling local delicacies, knick knacks, trinklets and apparels,
the street is always bustling with life. Weaving in and out of the maddening crowd is part and parcel of the entire experience, and while it can be rather exasperating at times to be stuck in a human jam, there is always something interesting
in every nook and corner, ready to enchant and captivate.

If you are a fan of pineapple tarts, be sure to stop by Madam Goh. There are more than 10 shops selling pineapple tarts along Jonker Walk, but the pineapple tarts here are by far the yummiest that I’ve tried.

Madam Goh Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House
Jonker Walk
Tel: 06-335-1561
I love that the slightly crisp outer crust is so creamy and milky, it almost melts in your mouth. And as I sink my teeth deeper into the buttery confection, I am immediately greeted by a generous dollop of pineapple filling that is sweetened to perfection.
I have a penchant for durians and I’ve heard so much about One Bite Durian Puff along Jonker Street.

Encased within a soft fluffy puff pastry, the durian filling is rich and bursting with flavour. As the name suggests, you are supposed to devour the entire puff in one bite, but it was way too huge for me. I took at least 5 bites. With every bite, I had to rotate and contort my wrist in different directions just to prevent the delicious durian filling from oozing out on to my hands.

 Every bite gave me immense pleasure, so much so that I decided one durian puff was simply not enough for me. This is definitely a must-try if you are a durian fan!

Aside from street food, Malacca is also renowned for its authentic Perakanan cuisine, otherwise known as Nyonya food. We were hosted to a wonderful dinner at Restoran Nyonya Makko, one of the most established Nyonya restaurants in Malacca.

Restoran Nyonya Makko
123, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka
Tel: 06-2840-737

These were just some of the dishes that we had and every dish was sumptuous. It is quite impossible to go wrong with an establishment that has been around for 27 years and before long, everyone at the table abandoned their cameras to tuck into the splendid spread of Nyonya delicacies.

I’m not sure about you, but I have a separate compartment reserved for desserts, and even as I was bursting at the seams from all the glorious food, I had to have my Chendol! 
The key ingredients in Chendol include coconut milk, green jelly noodles made from rice flour, shaved ice and palm sugar. It sounds simple enough to make, but I guess the secret to a good bowl of Chendol lies in the quality and the proportions of ingredients.
If you are familiar with Malacca, you would probably have heard about their fabulous Chendol and the snaking queues at this particular stall along Jonker Walk. I personally feel that Restoran Nyonya Makko’s is just as delish.

Chicken Rice Balls are my absolute favourite, which is why I saved the best for last. The most famous chicken rice ball stall in Malacca is probably Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls, but the massive queues can serve as a deterrent, especially when your stomach is growling.
I have little patience and I get grumpy when hunger gets the better of me, so I was really happy when the Julie’s Biscuit staff introduced us to another chicken rice ball stall that is equally yummy to satisfy my cravings.

Did you know that Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball is apparently the only halal chicken rice ball stall in Malacca?

The chicken rice balls were moist, fragrant and slightly sticky. I especially love the soft and smooth texture, which makes it incredibly easy to swallow. That probably explains why I ate up close to 20 rice balls in one seating.

The other dishes were equally mouthwatering. The chicken was juicy and succulent but in my opinion, the sambal squids took the cake. The sambal chilli was simply superb.

The abundance of good food in Malacca is such a huge draw and I can’t wait to head back to explore and discover new eating places. There is so much more that Malacca has to offer, and what I have shared in this post barely scratches the surface.
Are there any other restaurants or cafes in Malacca that you would recommend?