Eskpade is an escapade for every fashionista, where dreams come alive for those with a penchant for vintage inspired hats and fascinators. 
Located in the heart of town at Mandarin Gallery, the shop is tastefully decorated in the style of a vintage European store. I was immediately transported back in time to different stages of the 20th century, from the early 1920s where exquisite Great Gatsby-inspired hats took center stage, to the 1950s and 60s where iconic pillbox hats and berets stole the limelight. 
The brainchild of owner and designer Kristine Hakim, Eskpade showcases bespoke embroidered accessories that are exclusively designed and lovingly handcrafted by Kristine, who draws inspirations from her travels. Every creation is unique and no two pieces are the same.
Unadorned hair may be beautiful on its own, but hats and headpieces have the power to pull together an ensemble with aplomb. Whether you are looking for a bridal headpiece to go with your wedding gown, or an elaborate fascinator to wear to the races, you can be sure to find something that tickles your fancy over at Eskpade.

Kristine lived most of her life in Singapore, where she obtained a Diploma in Fashion Design from Raffles Design Institute. To pursue her dreams, she moved to Paris to train at the renowned L’ecole Lesage atelier de borderie, Paris American Academy and the most established fashion school in Paris, Studio Bercot. She has also worked with French haute couture designer, Dominique Sirop, Esther Perbandt in Berlin, textile and style curator, Jennifer Shorto and Studio Bercot as the textile application lecturer in Paris.

At Eskpade, the possibilities are endless under the deft hands of Kristine. The best part is, you can also choose to customize a headpiece that complements your outfit or best reflects your personality. In fact, this was an offer that Kristine kindly extended to Karen and I for the Singapore Blog Awards. Given the time constraint, we decided to pick something off the shelf to embellish our crown and glory instead, but even then, we were spoiled for choice.
Both Karen and I really adored this whimsical pillbox hat with a cute little robin perched atop. Not only is it elegant, it also lends a touch of quirkiness to any outfit. The attention-grabbing design is also bound to be a conversation piece.

If not for the fact this was not quite in line with the 60s theme for the Singapore Blog Awards, I would most certainly have taken this gorgeous work of art home!

I personally like this summery straw hat which happened to complete my outfit that day too. I looked like I was all ready to go for a picnic! Now, who said that hats are only meant for glamorous occasions? This hat, for one, is so versatile that it can be worn for casual parties, picnics and lunch dates. Adding flair to your everyday style has never been easier.

Now, what would I pick to wear at the races? Although I wasn’t able to attend the Emirates Cup this year as I was in Seoul for the Asian Premier of Wolverine, this red fascinator would be one of my top picks for future events at the Turf Club. The classic design, coupled with the fashion-forward structure, makes you stand out from the crowd instantly.  

 Although I eventually chose a Valentino inspired design that left me weak in the knees (you will see the hat in my blog post on the Singapore Blog Awards soon!), this cute feathered beret was one of my shortlisted choices for the Singapore Blog Award. I love how Kristine gave an otherwise plain beret an unexpected twist with the exceptionally long, angled feather. It shows how much attention she pays to details.

For a more feminine take on feathered berets, this purple beret embellished with exotic peacock feathers would fit the bill perfectly.

For more formal occasions, you can also opt for this fancy turquoise feathered pillbox hat to add a fashionable accent to your outfit. Then, add the final finishing touches to your look with a classic french twist or an elegant flip in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy. And there, you’re picture perfect!

 Kristine’s keen eye for aesthetics and unrivaled handcrafting skills are distinctive traits that set Eskpade apart from the run-of-the-mill hat shops. Indeed, it is a gem waiting to be unraveled in Singapore, where bespoke hats and fascinators of excellent workmanship are hard to come by.

333 A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery #03-20, Singapore
Contact No.: 
+65 6887 3680 
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