I caught the preview of RED 2 on Monday thanks to Omy.sg and goodness, I was thoroughly entertained!  RED 2 (which stands for Retired and Extremely
Dangerous 2), while not fresher, was unequivocally fiercer than RED whose box
office performance had probably surprised many. With a seemingly has-been (but stellar) cast
comprising Bruce Willis (as Frank Moses), Helen Mirren (as Victoria Winslow) and
John Malkovich (as Marvin Boggs), how much hotter could RED 2 get? Well, very.
Tapping on the secrecy of CIA, MI6 and KGB (which is the
stuff of most decent spy thrillers), RED 2 spares no effort in packing the
movie with action and humour to our delight. This time round, after kicking the
ass of CIA in the previous installment, Frank and gang get involved with a
nuclear weapon which brings them and us to the beautiful cities of Paris,
London and Moscow. It is absolute pleasure watching them rely on their wits and
teamwork to get out of “worst case scenario” situations which leave us breathless.
A good movie does exactly this – it stretches our imagination and converts possibilities
into dramatic visuals.
Bruce Willis is the uncanny action hero who makes
ridiculous stuff seem possible because he executes them with such calmness. 
  Helen Mirren is the unexpectedly foxy wetwork specialist who exudes coolness
amidst chaos. 
 John Malkovich’s kookiness provides many comic moments which keep
the movie a light-hearted adventure, while new cast Anthony Hopkins (as Dr
Edward Bailey) and Lee Byung-Hun (as Han Jo-Bae) add depth to the psychological
and physical dimensions. 
And yes, Mary-Louise Parker (as Sarah Ross) and
Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Katya) continue to be amazingly gorgeous at their age. 
 Here’s the official trailer to give you some sneak peeks of what the movie entails:

 The screenplay is well-paced and fun-filled, and the
experience is amplified by the cinematic quality at Shaw Lido. You know it is
worth the money when you exit the cinema and everyone else is smiling along
with you. Old school rocks!!!