My friends on facebook would probably find this picture familiar because I posted this dish when I first tried out the white wine prawn pasta recipe. What I like about this recipe is its simplicity. It’s so simple to make, yet absolutely delectable! I’ve made this pasta twice so far, and on both occasions, JW woofed down the entire bowl in minutes.

I tweaked this recipe based on Sushi’s initial recipe with clams (yummmyyyy). For those of you who are interested, here’s the recipe:

1. Fry a clove of minced garlic till it sizzles

2. Add in deveined fresh prawns and cook them till they turn red

3. Pour just enough Chardonnay to cover the prawns and simmer for a couple of minutes

4. Add butter, sea salt and a little sugar to taste

5. Toss cooked pasta into the pan and let the white wine mixture coat every strand of pasta (add more chardonnay, butter, sea salt and sugar if necessary)

6. Top pasta with a sprinkle of parsley

That’s it! Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Most of the ingredients can be easily found in the kitchen. If you’re wondering what type of white wine to use, I think both chardonnnay and savignon blanc will do the trick. In fact, I bought the cheapest chardonnay around and it tastes perfectly fine.

I personally think this dish would taste even better with a squeeze of lemon though. Will definitely try that the next time. 😉