I’ve done a couple of bushwalks and the coastal walk from Spitbridge to Manly beach, but the one and only walk that took my breath away in a good way has got to be the coastal walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach.

We started off at Coogee Beach, a quiet family-oriented beach nestled in a residential estate.

Ok here’s the start of the walk to Bondi! I wasn’t too excited to see the rocky terrain, but thankfully the path came to an end soon enough and the rest of the walk was a breeze.

What I really love about this walk is the panoramic coastal view of 4 beaches. The walk is very exposed, so you don’t feel cooped up amongst trees or greenery.

In fact, you’re in for a visual treat every step of the way!

I love the sea breeze, the crashing waves and the glistening sea against the glowing sun and azure skies. None of these photos were edited so you can only imagine how captivating the scenery is in real life!

The bowling club located right beside the sea at Waverly is the perfect spot for a game or two. What a leisurely way to get some exercise and spend the weekend! And no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Unlike in Singapore where bowling is an indoor activity, bowling here is done outdoors!

More mesmerizing sights along the way.

The coastal walk takes you through the Waverly Cemetery, probably the only cemetery with such a gorgeous view. It is quite an interesting experience because there’s absolutely nothing freaky about the place. On the contrary, it feels really serene and peaceful, though I’m pretty sure the spectacular view had something to do with it.

We passed by Bronte beach and Gordon’s Bay as well, two beaches which I intend to revisit when the weather gets warmer.

After about 2.5 hours of walking, we arrived at Bondi!

Bondi beach is probably the most crowded beach in Sydney. Everyone flocks here to grab a piece of the action.

Along the way to Bondi beach, we saw a massive rock formation. Of course, my other half had to get his hands on them.

I think I am an excellent photographer.

We did the walk last Sunday, which happened to coincide with the Festival of Winds, a festival that celebrates the start of spring with beautiful kites in all shapes and sizes.

We were a tad early for lunch with some friends, so we picked a strategic spot to bask in the sun and watch the kites, with my favourite fruit juice from Boost in tow. I usually hate the sun, but I’ve learnt to appreciate the warm sun rays, especially when it’s windy!

Our couple shoes from Keen. A random lady gushed about how beautiful my shoes are recently and even asked me where I got it from. These shoes are not my idea of pretty but they certainly are very comfy. They’re the perfect trekking shoes.

We were totally exhausted at the end of the walk but it was worth every bit of our time!