Pastel and neon hues are the most trendy colours this season. Unlike neon, which is best worn as an accent colour (or you’ll risk being an eyesore literally), I like how pastels can be worn from head to toe.

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In this post, my top and jeans are in the sweetest shades of pastel pink, but I also decided to add a dash of nude hues to balance out the colour tones as well as to ensure that I don’t end up looking like pink panther!

Hat from Forever New
Pastel pink jeans from Mango
Korean pink sweater from Yuan, Far East Plaza
Rosette jacket from Hong Kong
Accessories from Chanel and Diva
Idylle Speedy from Louis Vuitton

You’ve probably seen most of the items in this outfit, largely because my luggage space was limited and I honestly don’t own that many long sleeve tops and jeans to ride out winter. It is quite a challenge to rework the same pieces to create different looks, but I must say it is pretty fun too.

The only new item that I’ve incorporated in this ensemble is my rosette jacket which I bought from Hong Kong last October, but never found the opportunity to wear it in Singapore’s humid weather.

I like how the chiffon polyester material and pop-up rosettes add interest as well as a touch of vintage girly glamour to the outfit.

Hope you like this outfit as much as I do!