One of my very talented secondary school friends Yiquan converted her watercolour drawings to postcards for sale and the best part is, all proceeds for this sale will go to charity!
Your purchase will go towards supporting UNICEF for their work in providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and women in developing countries. The goal of this charity drive is to raise a minimum sum of S$3,000.

The amount may not be very high, but every cent goes a long way and every one of us can make a difference, no matter how small, to the less fortunate all over the world. So, let’s all do our part to make this world a better place! 🙂

Each postcard set consists of 14 postcards with 7 unique drawings. Each set is priced at S$20.

To purchase, please click on the link here
Payment can be made through paypal/credit card.

Here are the rest of the watercolour drawings done by Yiquan. You can also read her inspiration behind each drawing below each picture. 🙂

1) Sailing across the Rainbow Sky

Imagination. Sweeps us across rainbow hued skies to magical lands of incredible adventures – where dreams soar on rose petal wings and everything that can be imagined becomes real. But this wondrous world of imagination and belief often fades and disappears as we grow up.
We forget. We fear. We disbelief.
And “the moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”

Don’t doubt. Never forget.

For Imagination has the power to transform the world and bring forth a better tomorrow.

2) Lovers’ Bridge

Two little snails met on a bridge, spied on by a mischievous pixie. Somehow, while writing this, I was reminded of the thousands of love padlocks I saw on Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne. I was quite mystified when I first laid eyes on them but the reason soon became apparent when I read all the tiny lovey-dovey messages inscribed on the locks. Well, here’s to everlasting love! ❤

3) Misty Mountain
A week or so back, I climbed my first mountain – Mount Ophir. Standing at 1276m, it sits at the border between Malacca and Muar.

Climbing Mt Ophir was as much a mental challenge as it was a physical one. I learnt to push myself beyond my limits and silence the doubts within me. And after what seemed like forever, my eyes were finally treated to a breathtaking view of wide expanse of land and misty clouds that were almost within reach. Inhaling the fresh mountain air, I was reminded that I share this planet with other beings and that Nature is a gift that should be treasured and protected. However, the biggest reward came from the knowledge that I had conquered myself – the fear, the doubts and the self imposed limitations. Yes, we all want to stand atop a mountain but the joy and growth comes from the journey. And on this journey, I was also lucky to have great companions.

4) Snail Mail

These days, what I find in my mailbox (and I mean the physical one) are mostly just bills and junk mail. On the rare occasion that a card/postcard arrives, my heart leaps a little and I would take the time to study the envelope or the picture on the postcard before savouring every word within the message.

I like how everyone has his/her own unique handwriting – the neat rows of letters like little soldiers standing at attention, the dangerously sloping letters like little drunkards’ half-hearted attempts at defying gravity, the funny curls and swirls, the decorative flourishes …

5) Starry Starry Night

There is something enchanting and enthralling about the night sky. Filled with luminous pin pricks, it seems to hold within it the secrets of the galaxies and the untold wisdom of the Universe.
As a city dweller, the constant light pollution makes it hard to appreciate the full glory of the night sky. Thus, I would always remember the first time I camped out in the Australian wilderness and saw the biggest and brightest stars in my life! And as I sat gazing up at the starry starry sky, a little boy came up to me and pointed out the Southern Cross.

6) Watching Sunrise
I love this sketch! The beach is one of my favourite places though I prefer sunsets. In the sketch, the sky turned out surprisingly well, the colours blending nicely with balancing negative space.

7) My friend

“The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a [toadstool] with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve ever had.”

Indeed. Oftentimes, as silence interrupts a smooth flowing conversation, there is that anxiety and desperate urge to fill that silence with something. Anything! But constant sound can become noise, easily relegated to the background and ignored. So, when moments of quiet happen, take the time to enjoy and appreciate them together. For in the crevices of sound, thoughts can be born and love strengthened.