Having heard so many rave reviews about fouratefive at Surry Hills, I had sky-high expectations of the cafe before I even made my way there. Honestly, the name alone is so apt (it’s located at 485 Crown Street), in a cheeky way no less, it totally cracks me up.

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Cafe Guide 2012 rated the coffee here a grand total of 3 cups. That was the main reason why we dropped by, although we were told that the food is great too.

I love that cafes here usually offer organic juice or soda drinks. It’s probably psychological, but such drinks make me feel that I’m actually drinking something that’s healthy and good for me. Besides organic drinks, I have also taken a liking to free-range eggs. Free range eggs are produced by chickens that are allowed to roam freely beyond the confines of their cages and are thus deemed to be the healthier alternative to caged eggs.

Anyway, back to the coffee. The latte definitely met our expectations in terms of coffee art. Did you know that the leaf design is the most difficult pattern to perfect? I personally prefer the heart shape design though. It is so much cuter. 😛

I believe the general consensus was that the taste was up to mark too, but perhaps not as good as that of Campos Cafe.

That’s the barista at work.

Sadly, we didn’t think very much of the food. We ordered the highly recommended pork sandwich but it turned out to be pretty average. The only saving grace this time was the broccoli soup with goat cheese, which was absolutely superb.

Although I much prefer the food at Reuben Hills, I am still somewhat reluctant to write off fouratefive completely until I’ve tried a few more items on their menu, especially given the number of hits and misses. You’ll be the first to know when I next head there. 😉

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