By the time you see this post, I’ll be up at Snowy Mountains for a 1 week ski trip! Meanwhile though, I thought I’ll take the opportunity to share more pictures from my shoot with KC from Tiny Dot Photography. 😉

I really adore this set of photos, especially the ones taken with the trees in the backdrop. Everything was picture perfect, right down to the lighting, mood and setting. Of course, I have KC to thank for capturing such beautiful pictures.

The sun rays streaming down from the sky cast a beautiful ray of light that’s almost magical. I felt like I was transported to an enchanted forest where fairies and pixies frolick with their little wands.

KC also took another series of photos of me in the same outfit in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. Immaculate attention to details was the focus of this series.

Again, I love how the images are framed, like in the photograph above.

More often than not, being a photographer is not about having the most expensive lens or the best camera.

A good photographer has the aesthetic awareness and creativity to conjure impactful images, even in the simplest of surroundings. 🙂 That, to me, is the art of photography.

To view the previous series of photos by KC, click on the following links below:

Have a good week ahead everyone!