Grace is one of my closest friends and she’s preparing for her customary wedding this October! As we all know, wedding preparations can be a tedious affair in Asian society. Booking the bridal studio, selecting the gowns, photography, venue, jewellery, bridal make-up and hairstyle…there are so many decisions to make, but so little time.
We spent a couple of hours at the bridal studio selecting the gowns for her photoshoot and actual day. I’m not about to show you which gowns Grace chose for her AD, but here you’ll get a glimpse of a gorgeous Valentino-inspired gown with cascading rosettes, which is what she’ll be wearing for the photoshoot.  We also went a little crazy camwhoring, forcing her hubby, Jay, to take photos of us in cutesy Japanese poses reminiscent of what we did when we travelled to Japan in 2009 (ooo such lovely memories!). It’s been such a long time since we last travelled together, but she has so many commitments now, it’ll take a while before we can just take off and head overseas again!
My sweet friend treated me to a sumptuous Korean dinner thereafter at Kko Kko Nara, a popular Korean joint along Tanjong Pagar Road. The chicken wings platter (top right corner) took the cake for me. The chicken wings were marinated in 3-4 different sauces, and every single on of them tasted ridiculously good!  I liked the chicken stew as well, which tasted like kim chi (I love kim chi!). It’s slightly pricey but trust me, you have to try the chicken wings here. You’ll be hooked, for sure, just like all of us!