Waking up early for breakfast is usually a tall order for me, but not when I’m in Australia because the day starts early here. Cafes open as early as 6am and seats start filling fast from 7-8 am, so it is true when they say the early bird catches the worm.

We stopped by Commune Cafe before our day trip to Mount Tamborine. If you’re interested, I will be writing a separate post about some day trips you could do from Gold Coast, especially if you’re a nature lover.
Commune Cafe is located at Burleigh Heads, right beside Gold Coast Highway. We actually passed by this quaint little cafe on our way to our apartment from the airport on our very first day and made a mental note to come back for a visit.

I have a soft spot for corn fritters and chai latte. If I see them on the menu, I’ll definitely place an order for these two items. And that was exactly what I did at Commune Cafe. What I like about the food here is that everything is made from natural, organic ingredients, so you can be sure that you are feeding your body with nothing but the best.

The corn fritters here come with generous servings of avocado, rocket salad and a tangy thai chilli sauce dip, which goes surprisingly well with the star of the show. I loved it. 
The chai latte is freshly brewed from tea leaves and served to you in a little metal pot, which makes the experience all the more authentic.

What did JW have? Well, he is just as predictable as I am when it comes to breakfast. Eggs Benedict is his Archilles’ heel and he orders this all the time whenever we go to a cafe for breakfast or brunch.

 Outdoor seats
here are aplenty and this is one cafe where you can sit all day long, bask in the sun and soak up the good vibes with a cup of coffee and some delicious yet healthy organic food in
tow. It is a beautiful spot to relax and chill with fellow friendly
cafe-goers who never fail to wear a warm smile on their faces.
Commune Cafe
1844 Gold Coast Highway
Burleigh Heads
QLD 4220
Opening Hours:
6.30am – 3.00 pm