With a name like delicious, one would naturally have high expectations of what the cafe has to offer, especially when people make a beeline for it. Well, the decor was pleasant – simple, classy and most importantly, unpretentious and laid-back.

We were recommended the most popular dishes in the cafe, but both were not up to mark and certainly not value-for-money. The main courses here are reasonably priced at between $10-$20, but honestly, we felt that we could definitely do a much better job at cooking. Indeed, it is very disappointing that delicious cafe does not serve delicious food and its name is deemed a misnomer.

We left feeling immensely unsatisfied with the meal. If we were to head there again (hopefully not), I think we’ll just have drinks and maybe dessert. Besides its decor, the only other saving grace is its convenient location at Scotts Square. I’m sorry, but I would rather have my tasty hawker food any time. 😛