One early Saturday morning at 11a.m., 3 girls (Karen, Jun and I) decided to meet at Jewel Coffee for brunch.

Situated right at the heart of the CBD at One Shenton Way, Jewel Coffee has one of the best pancakes in Singapore, second only to Riders’ Cafe’s.

If you’re a pancake lover, you shouldn’t miss out on this one!

The pancakes here are very fluffy, and although they’re less thick that those at Riders, the rich buttery flavour makes up for its lack of height (hm..for some strange reason, it sounds like I’m referring to a person instead :P).

What I really like about the pancakes here is the whipped cream. It has a very light consistency and has just the right amount of sugar, definitely a perfect match for the pancakes.

Floral dress from Hong Kong

Wedges from Liz Lisa

Bow Satchel Bag from Miu Miu