Here’s a simple outfit I wore for shopping at Bershka in Huesca. 😉 I’ve worn the skorts before but I like to pair staples like these with new tops for a completely different feel.

I received this dusky pink tank top with lace and ruffles from ClubCouture just before I left for my trip. The minute the wrapping came off, I knew I had to pack it into my luggage immediately.

Lace Ribbed Tank in Pink from ClubCouture

Lace skorts from Fa Yuen Street, Hong Kong

White Sequin Flats from Mitju

Ribbon rosette hair clip from Far East Plaza

It can get pretty chilly here at night as temperatures dip drastically, signaling the beginning of the fall season. I’ll usually throw on a jacket to keep warm, and as the temperatures drop further, I’ll add on socks/leggings or change into my jeans.

This cropped Bershka jacket is one of the buys I scored today. The skull print lining is so cute and edgy, I knew I had to get it the moment I laid my eyes on it.

Cropped Jacket with Skull Prints from Bershka

Have a great week ahead everyone!