Not too long ago, Jo and I met up on a whim so that we could photograph each other in our ClubCouture attire (see previous post for photos!). We decided to meet at Goodwood Park Hotel because it has such a majestic visage, almost magical in fact.
Just in case you were wondering why our summer style photos didn’t seem to reflect the grandeur of the hotel, alas, it only looks beautiful from afar and its interior gave us nothing to shout about. Silly us thought we could somehow incorporate the building’s visage into our photos while capturing the beauty of our clothes!

Anyhow, we did capture someone’s attention. While taking photos of ourselves outside the hotel, we caught the attention of a gentleman who happened to be the owner of Gaia restaurant. He thought we were tourists at first, but his friendliness didn’t wane even after he found out that we were just two vain Singaporean girls engrossed in cam whoring.

He very kindly offered to take photos of us and then invited us into his restaurant for a drink on the house! We were too embarrassed to take up his offer of coffee so we settled for iced water instead. 😉

Crocheted Dress in Pink from ClubCouture

We were so touched by his warmth and hospitality, we decided to get his namecard so that we could dine in his restaurant on another occasion when we were more appropriately attired.

Instead, Jo and I found a quiet spot at Thai Express Paragon because we had some clandestine plans to discuss. You will find out what these plans are in due course, but until then, I will have to keep you in suspense! 😉