Right behind URA centre, rows of beautifully conserved shophouses line the streets, juxtaposed against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers. Never forget your roots, this picture before me seems to say. To me, these restored shophouses serve as a constant reminder of our heritage while the skyscrapers depict our growth and development over the years.
Club Street and Ann Siang Street, in particular, now house cafes, stand-alone boutiques run by local designers, as well as one of my favourite bookstores, BooksActually. The buildings here were given a brand new look but elements of its glorious past were carefully preserved.

JW and I chanced upon a quaint little cafe called Le Chocolat Cafe at Club Hotel on a dreamy afternoon after our visit to URA. We were immediately blown away by both its exterior and interior as it reminded us of cafes typically found in Europe. It was a breath of fresh air.

We popped by for a quick bite of salad and sandwiches. The cafe primarily serves salads, sandwiches as well as desserts such as cakes and tarts. It also has a breakfast menu which ends at 10.30a.m. Service was great and I would recommend this place for afternoon tea if you’re in the vicinity.

My Caesar salad came in a cute little wooden bowl!

I was so enthralled by the surroundings and was looking forward to wandering around a bit more, but unfortunately, it started drizzling! I’ll definitely be back again when the weather is friendlier! Again, the dress here is from my lovely sponsor, ClubCouture.