In a food paradise like Singapore, it is no wonder that gatherings always take place in cafes and restaurants in the company of glorious food.
Karen, Jolene and I have been talking about having brunch at Riders Cafe for eons before we finally made it there successfully one fine Sunday morning, undeterred by the scorching sun and sweltering heat.
After all,who could resist the temptation of having a meal in a quiet respite amidst lush greenery and galloping horses, away from the concrete jungle.
Be enveloped by Mother Nature as you enjoy a delicious breakfast/brunch in the comfort of warm service and flowing conversations.

We were famished by the time we arrived at Riders. Karen and I ordered iced chocolate, which unfortunately turned out mediocre as it was basically just a mixture of chocolate milk and Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

JW and Karen had pancakes for their mains. The light and fluffy pancakes topped with creamy butter, whipped cream and fresh blueberries were absolutely gratifying and a joy to devour! I already have my sights set on this for my next visit.

Jolene and I had the Riders Breakfast Set. This is the usual set that I order on the rare occasions when I do manage to crawl out of bed in time for brunch on a Sunday.

I relish the crunch of the bacon which goes so well with the runny yoke of the sunny-side up eggs. The savoury potatoes, baked beans and buttered toast with jam also add texture and variety to the overall taste. This is absolutely divine!

I also brought along a very thoughtful belated birthday gift from Jolene that day. I have just started learning cooking, so she decided to get me a handy cookbook and cooking utensils to encourage me to whip up more delicacies!

But here comes the surprise! Who would have thought that cookbooks and utensils could come in the form of earrings? Aren’t they pretty? 🙂

JW tried his best to take a close-up photo of my earrings. All I can say is, the best is yet to be…LOL

After a heavy meal, it was time to work off all those fats by going shopping at Parco@Millenia Walk. Aside from my daily walks to the train station, shopping, otherwise known as mall walking, is the only other form of exercise that I partake in.
This photo below encapsulates the essence and intensity of shopping as an activity. When girls shop together, they virtually enter another realm and become totally oblivious to their surroundings as well as how much they have in their pockets.

The harsh reality that their credit card limits have burst only hits them at the cashier, by which time turning back is no longer an option.

That is when they consider the only other viable option – suicide.

You know I was kidding about the last part right?! 😛

Anyway, when hunger finally got the better of us again, we made a pit stop at Octa Hotel for tea after Jolene left. Contrary to popular belief, this hotel is actually a Japanese shop-cafe.

We were dazzled by the wide selection of beautiful crockery as well as intricate jewellery and gift items found at the shop. This shop exudes the elusive wow factor that one can only find in Japanese retail establishments.

It is true when they say that the magic behind every successful shop lies in the smallest of details. Everything in the shop, from its decor to the products and service, is the epitome of perfection.

Every table top is decorated with a touch of class.

I indulged in the Strawberry Parfait which came with generous servings of berries, ice-cream and my favourite – cornflakes! Absolutely sinful but I couldn’t care less!

Karen, on the other hand, had mushroom soup. Unlike the rich, creamy soups that one would usually expect, this was very light, almost broth-like. Yet, this soup brought out the aroma and flavour of the mushrooms as the essence permeated the soup base.

Now, what did I say about attention to details? I really loved their choice of lace curtains as this softened the ambience of the cafe, making it more intimate and welcoming.

Our parting shot at the end of our afternoon tea session.

In case you were wondering, I wore the Anna lace dress from ClubCouture that day. It’s incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I had a dinner at a club that day so it made sense to up the glam factor a little.

Here, I accessorized with a sequinned bow belt and then played down the feminity of the ensemble with a pair of fierce cage heels.

Check out the sexy cut-out back detail! This lovely number scored numerous compliments from friends and relatives alike.

Don’t you just love simple dresses with an unexpected twist and an element of surprise? 😉
I’ve been pretty busy lately with gatherings and events, but do stay tuned for more updates on my short getaway and of course, my favourite outfit posts! 🙂