I’m sorry I have not posted any of my buys from the Korea trip. I have been so swamped at work ever since I got back that I hardly have any time for myself. Today’s my birthday but I only managed to get off work at 7.30p.m. To think that I was supposed to be on afternoon leave!
Before I continue with my Japan trip updates, I thought I should post just one dress up for sale!;) This dress isn’t from my Korea trip but I fell madly in love with the nautical striped satin fabric. The cutesy bow in the middle lends a touch of playfulness to the entire outfit, making it perfect for the weekend. It’s very versatile as you can just throw a blazer over for work. Fits S-M best in my opinion as this is a tad loose for me.

For a better view of the dress, pls click on pics below. I have a brand new piece for sale, so do e-mail me at regina.chow@gmail.com if you are keen.
Price: S$28 PENDING

I bought a little birthday gift for myself from Ferragamo last weekend. It doubled up as a reward for working into the wee hours of the morning. 😉 Now, my dark rings are even darker than before!!

Within the paper bag lies a pair of Carla bow pumps in bisque. There was a 30% discount on this baby and they had it in my size! I took the one with shorter heels (5cm) for greater comfort.

It happened to be a good hair and good skin day despite being deprived of sleep, if that’s any consolation. LOL

Alright, I’m gonna take a much deserved break for now. Sigh, it sure doesn’t feel like it’s the end of the year!