Yes, I’ve taken yet another step towards becoming a domesticated housewife, having ventured into a realm that was totally unfamiliar to me until recently – cooking.

I never took home economics in school ( I took music as an O level subject under the music elective program and started MEP lessons since Sec 1) and I was just never interested in cooking. Anyway, I embarked on a path to self-discovery about 2 weeks back and there’s no turning back. It all began one day when I was at home and feeling a little bored of the food in my neighbourhood, so I decided to go grocery shopping!

My first attempt at chicken & mushroom spaghetti (pls excuse the newspapers. I was too lazy to get hold of my placemat haha). The verdict – it actually tasted fabulous!! That’s not bad for a start, especially for a fastidious eater like yours truly.

The bratty me in secondary school used to shudder at the sight of my maid’s dishes. I often asked her to buy me cheeseburger from McDonalds even after she laid the dining table with painstakingly prepared dishes. On hindsight, I felt really bad for tormenting her that way. I am so glad that I’m no longer as brattish and definitely much more independent too.

Since my first experiment, I have tried other easy-to-prepare dishes too, such as:

1) Fried Udon with minced beef or minced pork and vegetables with oyster sauce;

2) Spaghetti bolognese (silly me then realized that spaghetti tastes much better with minced beef :P); and

3) Herbal chicken soup (super yummy!!!)

Not only can I handle household chores, I can cook too! I think I’m certainly on my way to becoming a great housewife! LOL.

Housewifely duties aside, here’s an outfit that I wore recently to meet my uni friends for lunch at Waraku Pasta (I like!!).

Updates on Kyoto will be up next!