My friend, M-san, very kindly hosted us to lunch @ cuisine francaise JJ (Tokyo Midtown Galleria Garden Terrace, 2nd fl.|9-7-4 Akasaka Minato-ku 107-0052 Phone: 03-5413-3445) in Midtown Tokyo.
Hors d’œuvre – cauliflower mousse with caviar

Pumpkin soupChargrilled scallop with tempura battered fish
Some fish but I can’t remember the name 😛
And now, for my favourite part of any meal – desserts! We had a unique concoction of blueberry mousse topped with bubbly champagne. Absolutely divine.

My all-time favourite dessert – Creme BruleeWe were introduced to Yoshi, who played host for the rest of the afternoon. Don’t be deceived by his astute sense of fashion (I personally dig the lapel pin that he wore as it was in the shape of a sock)! He used to work for the Japanese Navy and he was telling us that he had to get ready for combat in one minute!! How very unlike Grace and myself. Both of us take a minimum of one hour to get ready. Well, I guess being a woman has its perks :P.
We went to Asakusa to visit Senso-ji after the meal.
First, we had to trawl through an entire row of shops selling a variety of traditional Japanese snacks and othe touristy knick-knacks.
This was our favourite snack but we can’t recall its name. It looks like moshi filled with red bean paste and it’s deep fried to perfection. It’s crispy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside.

Yoshi urged us to get our fortune told. You slip 100 yen into a slot & then shake the cylindrical container till a stick drops out. Each stick has a number stated on it, and you would then have to open a small drawer with the corresponding number that you had picked for a slip of paper.

Coincidentally, both of us picked the same BAD lot!!!! We kicked up a huge fuss as we couldn’t believe it, having been fortunate enough to have met with so many kind and helpful friends who hosted us during the trip!

In a bid to console ourselves, I told Grace that it must be because 1) we don’t believe in the religion and 2) the temple was under renovation, hence the Gods could not really hear our prayers. 😛 I must have said this umpteenth times, but I always believe that your future lies in your own hands, although we were both quite appalled when we received our lots.
Yoshi also arranged a 30 min rickshaw ride for us so that we could take in the sights and sounds of Asakusa in the comfort of our seats. Here’s Masa, our guide for the tour. He was a friendly and polite chap.

The geishas’ office in Asakusa. It really reminds me of a post office though ;).

We bade farewell to Yoshi at Akihabara. Thanks to him, we found out about a new girl group in Japan by the name of Akihabara 48 as he had engaged them to be his brand ambassadors. We were happily imitating their poses in our hotel rooms for the next couple of days. Catch us in action in my Kyoto posts later on.

We had a stroll along Akihabara. Along the way, we (erm actually maybe more of Grace? HAHA) were so captivated (albeit more shocked actually) by a 7-storey building filled with porn dvds and lecherous men in suits.

We then make our way back to Vinetoca at Tokyo Midtown to attend the birthday party of a famous Japanese rock star who is also the music producer for many renowned Japanese artistes. Despite the language barriers, we had a great time chatting (thanks to M-san for translating) and dining with the guests. I was also given the honour of presenting said rock star with his birthday present before the night came to an end. 🙂