When it comes to food in Copenhagen, I have to admit that traditional Danish delicacies such as herring can be an acquired taste, but the street food and pastries are definitely among the best in their league.

Aside from the famous 2-Michelin star restaurant Noma (impossible to get a reservation unless you book early), here are 3 interesting places for good food and pastries that I would personally recommend.

Papiroen Street Food (Paper Island) 

in street food, people watch and soak up the sun outdoors with a group
of friends at Papiroen (Paper Island) along Copenhagen Harbour.Why is it called Paper Island? The building once served as paper storage for the Procurement Association of the Danish Press, but the raw halls have since been transformed into a place where colourful trucks and vans serve up a dazzling array of street food from all over the world. These street food vendors are temporary occupants whose lease will be up in end 2017, so do visit Paper Island while you still can!

Papiroen (Paper Island)
Colourful trucks selling street food & coffee
Basking in the sun along Copenhagen Harbour

Cinnamon Buns at St Peders Cafe (Sankt Peders Bageri)


St Peders Bageri/ St Peders Cafe


Delicious pastries at the oldest bakery in Copenhagen
I have never been a fan of pastries, but St Peders Cafe changed my mind for good. Cinnamon rolls are the highlight of Copenhagen’s oldest bakery (founded in 1652) and you instantly know why when you sink your teeth into its fluffy goodness.
Having cinnamon roll at 730am (totally worth waking up for!)
 Words fail to describe how incredible it is to have a piping hot crispy cinnamon bun on a cold morning.
Piping hot cinnamon rolls, all ready to fly off the shelves!
 Their cinnamon rolls are also known as Wednesdays snails, with over 4000 of them flying off the shelves every Wednesday!Address:
Sankt Peders Stræde 29
1453 København K

Contact No.:
+45 3311 1129

Royal Smushi Cafe

Royal Smushi Cafe

Royal Smushi Cafe is a popular spot in town (even Oprah has visited this cafe!) known for its reinterpretation of the Smorrebord, an all-time Danish staple. Smorrebord is essentially an open-faced sandwich, typically with rye bread as a base and loaded with toppings like herring and the works.

Bite-sized Smorrebord, also known as Smushi

Royal Smushi created its own version of beautifully crafted bite-sized Smorrebord, lovingly termed Smushi. You can pop a few of these delectable goodies into your mouth and try all the different flavours without feeling overstuffed. I love the guilt-free experience. Oh, and did I mention that the cafe itself is just as captivating? It is hard not to fall in love with the whimsical decor and those Arne Jacobsen Ant chairs!

Amagertorv 6,
1160 Copenhagen

Contact No.:

+45 33 12 11 22

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Have a great weekend ahead! I’ll be heading to Tibet tomorrow, and keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that I wouldn’t be hit by altitude sickness. Please keep me in your prayers ok?