Vests are my favourite outerwear as they make layering possible in our humid climate. Cardigans and jackets may be stylish but are best reserved for the cinemas, official work meetings or freezing lecture theatres, unless of course you think sweating buckets can help you to lose weight.
How do you style a vest? There are many ways to style it as it is very versatile and goes well with shorts, skirts, pants and even dresses. In fact, adding interest to a casual outfit has never been easier with a trusty vest. 

I picked up this long flowy white vest from Topshop when I was shopping in London and to tell you the truth, I have been working this vest really hard as it hasn’t had time to sit in my wardrobe for more than a couple of days. I am convinced that it is a worthwhile wardrobe investment and today, I’ll show you two ways to style this wardrobe workhorse.
Styling the Vest with Jeans/Pants
 With so many errands to run on a daily basis, my preferred ensemble these days comprises a comfy tank top and jeans paired with sneakers. The tank top and jeans combination is a full-proof combo but it can get a tad boring. Throw on a vest to shake things up a little and watch as your outfit transforms right before your eyes!
Tank top from Mphosis
Jeans from Frame Denim (Shopbop)
Vest from Topshop
Shoes from Adidas
Bag from Givenchy
Styling The Vest with Dresses

If you prefer a dressier look, try styling the vest with a dress (pun unintended). I like my white vest with classic black dresses as it instantly jazzes up the otherwise plain outfit.

These photos were taken when I was down with a bad flu in Copenhagen. I looked pale as a sheet but the warmth of the sun and the dose of white put some colour back in my cheeks. I would have looked far worse if I was clad in an all-black dress without my white vest.

Dress from Acne Studios
Vest from Topshop
Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Now, I am sure it is not hard to see why vests are fast becoming my wardrobe staples.The key to styling vests is to pair them up with simple, basic everyday pieces. I have been falling back on sleeveless dresses and tank tops but vests complement long sleeve tops and sweaters too. 
I promise this wouldn’t be the last time that you’ll see of my vests in this space as I’m about to experience autumn and winter in a foreign land this year. More updates on that in time to come, but meanwhile, have a great week ahead!