Online shopping is so popular these days that it has become part and parcel of our lives. I buy everything that I want online without having to step out of the front door, and I love unwrapping the items when they arrive at my doorstep. I always feel like a kid in a candy store and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels such inexplicable joy.

And the joy only gets magnified when you snag a good deal through promo codes online. Promo codes aside, did you know that you could also get cashback when you shop online via websites like Shopback? I first read about Shopback when it was featured on Yahoo and Cosmopolitan previously and it is true that you can get the latest fashion deals and offers here.
Shopback teams up with your favourite online retailers such as Zalora, Rakuten, Taobao and Asos so that you can get cashback credited to your account simply by shopping. 
Yes, real hard cash and not store credits.
Here’s how it works:
 Take Singapore-based Japanese retailer Rakuten for example. Did you know that you will receive 5% cashback when you make a purchase at Rakuten via Shopback? With Shopback, you can get the best Rakuten cashback and promo codes.
 I have been eyeing these Japanese snacks/gift sets on Rakuten and with the 5% cashback, I see no reason why I should hesitate any longer.  If you are a fan of Japanese snacks, you would probably know that most of these popular snacks are exclusive to Japan and hard to come by in Singapore.

Now, Rakuten is just one of the many online retailers that Shopback has tied up with. You can even get cashback when you shop on Taobao and find out more about the latest Groupon deals and promo codes from Shopback.They have been featured in both Cosmopolitan and Yahoo previously 
The next time you decide to go online shopping, remember to check out Shopback too for the best cashback deals. Finally, we don’t have to wait for the next sale to start shopping!