In our relentless quest for beauty, we need to be mindful not to subject our skin, which also happens to be our body’s largest organ, to harsh chemicals that actually do more harm than good. This is the reason why scent-free and paraben-free skincare always tops my list of beauty must-haves.
mdd COSMECEUTICAL skincare falls right into this category. Established over 7 years ago, mdd COSMECEUTICAL aims to create skincare products that suit the ever-changing needs of consumers today through rigorous research and development. Its skincare line is formulated without fragrance and parabens, combining Japanese cutting-edge technology with breakthrough research to ensure that active ingredients penetrate into the deepest layer of our skin to deliver optimal results. 

Did you know that Stella Leung, Hong Kong celebrity make-up artist for A-mei and Jacky Cheung, is also a huge fan of MDD products and claims that the brand saved her skin?
Well, it is not hard to understand why. I have been using some of their best-selling skincare products for close to a month now, and I am in love with the brand’s fuss-free approach to achieving good skin in just one step. Now, you can happily bid farewell to the multiple serums or essences and say hello to a simple, effective routine that not only saves you time, but actually works.


If you desire brighter skin that glows from within, the Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel would be your best friend. 
This all-in-one multitasking product contains the following skin-loving ingredients:
1) Vitamin C and Pearl Essence to brighten your skin
2) Seaweed Extract to keep your skin thoroughly moisturized
3) Ceramides to calm down and prevent skin irritations

I have been using this product as a moisturizer twice daily. It repairs, tones, hydrates, primes and protects your skin all at once, and is a life-saver especially when I need to rush out of the house early in the morning.
Its lightweight, gel texture makes it perfect for our humid weather as it absorbs readily into your skin and keeps it plump, hydrated and glowing all day. You may not observe the brightening effects immediately upon usage, but give it about 2 weeks and you’ll notice a brighter, more luminous complexion.
If you are prone to oil seeds (like me!), this would work well with your skin as anything too rich and creamy would lead to an onslaught of oil seeds.

2) SKIN PERFECT CC CREAM (S$31.55, 20ml)
I have tried several CC creams but most pale in comparison to mdd COSMECEUTICAL’s Skin Perfect CC Cream. 
Yet another multitasking product, this CC cream is formulated with Marine Collagen and Ceramide complex and acts as a sunscreen (SPF 30), make-up base, anti-aging cream and moisturizer all rolled into one to give you perfect skin without the hassle.
I use this every morning, after the Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel and I absolutely adore how it provides full coverage without clogging my pores. It also does a wonderful job of smoothing out fine lines and concealing imperfections such as pigmentation, giving you flawless, air-brushed skin instantly. 
I typically dab on an additional layer of CC cream on my upper cheeks to conceal my pigmentation and was pleasantly surprised when some of my friends told me that it seemed like my dark spots had vanished miraculously!

Besides its excellent coverage, I am particularly impressed by its featherlight texture. Good coverage and light, weightless textures usually do not go hand in hand, hence this CC cream is definitely a gem. 
Don’t be fooled by its seemingly thick consistency when you first squeeze it out of the tube. It glides on like a dream, gives you the coverage you need and imparts a healthy glow to your skin without any sticky after-feel. This is one product that I highly recommend and would personally purchase when it runs out.


Hydrating masks are my favourite as my skin is perpetually dehydrated, all thanks to late nights, frequent traveling and constant exposure to air-conditioning. 
The Hydra-infusion Okinawa Mask is the latest addition to my range of hydrating/sleeping masks and I find myself reaching for it at least twice or thrice a week because it hydrates, clarifies, brightens and boosts cell renewal simultaneously, leaving me with soft dewy skin every time. I also love its ultra light gel texture and how it energizes my dull, tired skin and restores radiance.


The active ingredients include nourishing Okinawa deep-sea water and Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture, as well as soybean extract to effectively brighten your skin.
You can either apply a thin layer to your skin for 30 minutes and wash it off thereafter or leave it on overnight as a sleeping mask, which is my preferred method.  A little goes a long way, and I can foresee that this tub of goodness will last at least six months, even with regular usage.

 I only recommend products that I have personally tested on my skin for an extended period of time, and this time was no exception. What are my overall thoughts on mdd COSMECEUTICAL’s skincare line? Would I recommend this brand?
It is hard to come by multitasking one-step skincare products that suit both our humid climate and our hectic lifestyle. More importantly, mdd COSMECEUTICAL products are scent-free, paraben-free and fuss-free, yet remarkably effective, hence I would highly recommend this skincare range for all the reasons that I have stated above. 
 After all, who doesn’t love hassle-free skincare that delivers optimal results?

All products are available at, the distributor of MDD Cosmeceutical products. 

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For more information on my beauty routine with mdd COSMECUTICAL, watch the video that was filmed in collaboration with Karen below: