SOTHYS is one of the skincare brands on my beauty bucket list and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when I can finally tick it off. That day finally came on Boxing Day last year when I was invited to a tea session hosted by Sothys at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, where the SOTHYS Sensitive Line was unveiled.
 Did you know that 90% of Asian women have sensitive skin? There are two types of sensitive skin, namely 1) naturally sensitive skin or 2) temporarily sensitised skin. People  with naturally sensitive skin, like me, generally have thin and fair skin which turns red easily. Temporarily sensitised skin, on the other hand, is affected by external factors such as environmental aggressions, lifestyle or the use of unsuitable skincare/cosmetic products.

SOTHYS Sensitive Line would work well for you regardless of which group you fall into as it aims to build your skin’s inner strength to balance your skin’s tolerance threshold and limit inflammatory reactions. What I also like about this range is that it is completely fragrance-free.

 The star ingredient in SOTHYS Sensitive Line Skincare is Spa Thermal Water extracted from between 350-400m altitude at the heart of Belgian Ardennes. It is pure, has a low mineral and sodium content as well as a ph 5 value, which is the same as that of our skin. It helps to rebalance the hypersensitivity of our skin and strengthen its tolerance threshold by blocking TRPV1 epidermal receptors that induces pain or itch on the surface of our skin.

Let’s take a look at some of the products in this skincare line. 

 Nutri-Soothing Mask (S$99, 50ml)

Nutri-Soothing mask is an emergency care mask that instantly relieves any discomfort and rebalance your skin. As we were given handy travel sized versions of the skincare range to test out at home and I’ve been using this as a hydrating mask once a week. 
All you have to do is to apply a thin layer over your face and neck, leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse it off. My skin is generally dehydrated, which makes it susceptible to itch. It doesn’t help that my skin condition worsens when I travel to colder and dryer climates. I like how this mask does a good job of soothing my skin while providing much-needed hydration at the same time. 
Soothing Melting Fluid (S$119/50ml)

SOTHYS Soothing Melting Fluid is essentially a daily moisturizer that acts like a barrier to protect your skin from external aggressions and reduce any skin discomfort. 

This light-weight formula is
great for those of you with sensitive and combination skin as it absorbs
readily into your skin just like water, without any sticky after-feel. 

 If your skin is sensitive and
dry, or if you intend to venture to dryer climates, you might want to
consider the Soothing Melting Cream which has a slightly heavier
texture to deliver optimal hydration.

SOS Soothing Serum (S$109/20ml)
As the name suggests, the Soothing SOS serum instantly soothes permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort and limits the appearance of redness. 
This is particularly useful if your skin is prone to itch or redness as it is proven that your skin becomes less sensitive to external aggressions after 15 days of usage. You can apply this before moisturizer on your entire face or on targeted spots.
Micellar Cleansing Water (S$79/200ml)

 Micellar Cleansing Water is a 2-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes and is by far my favourite product in the entire range because it also doubles up as a skin refreshener. Formulated with Micelles which consists of gentle cleansing agents, it is able to trap and lift surface impurities to effectively cleanse your skin in just one step. 
As no rinsing is required, I like to apply this to my face with cotton pads to freshen up my skin before and after my hot yoga classes when I do not have a facial cleanser on hand. This is also perfect for removing light make-up or tinted sunblock. 

If you’ve sensitive skin just like me, do consider giving SOTHYS Sensitive Skincare Line a go. Not only is it proven to improve your skin’s condition, the light and silky smooth texture of the products is certainly a huge draw, especially in our humid climate.