Time flies. It seems like only yesterday when we got together but in the blink of an eye, 15 years has passed. Yesterday marked our 15th Valentine’s Day celebration together and while we no longer celebrate it with a big bang complete with a lavish dinner spread and overpriced flower bouquets, JW still makes it a point to surprise me with a restaurant reservation.
We had a private and cozy lunch by the Singapore River at Absinthe. Absinthe may be a French restaurant, but I really like how they did away with the frills and formality of typical french dining, choosing to adopt a more casual and fuss-free approach instead. After our sumptuous lunch, we took a stroll along the river, which eventually took us to Victoria Concert Hall.

Victoria Concert Hall holds many fond childhood memories for me as my mum and I used to bond over SSO concerts held here. It was practically a weekly affair for the two of us as I was taking piano lessons then and was really into classical music.  
The Victoria Concert Hall of today looks different from what I remembered it to be, but still, I couldn’t help but marvel at this slice of history. Many of the colonial elements remained untouched but modern touches were added to lend a contemporary air to the newly refurbished architecture. 
I couldn’t resist the wonderful photo opportunity and here’s presenting my outfit for Valentine’s Day.

 “Who needs a Valentine when you have Valentino?” I came across this witty quip on Valentino’s instagram account and couldn’t help but let out a chuckle because I happened to be clad in Valentino from head to toe yesterday. 
I guess I’m greedy and also the perfect example of someone who wants to have her cake and eat it because I need both my Valentino and my Valentine. 

 Dress from Red Valentino
Rockstud Pumps from Valentino
Swarovski Earrings from Korea

How was your Valentine’s Day? Here’s wishing you and your other half a lifetime of bliss, happiness and love!