As a result of the rainy weather and lower temperatures, I find myself reaching for my Frame Denim jeans and culottes a lot more these days. They are perfect for keeping warm, but more importantly, they are so amazingly comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing next to nothing. 
Why culottes? They’ve been in trend for a while now and I absolutely adore the loose cutting and relaxed fit. Depending on the fabric used, culottes have the ability to transform your look from casual chic to sleek and glamorous.
Take my navy satin culottes from Love Bonito for instance. At a glance, it looks so much like a maxi skirt (thanks to its gorgeous sheen and A-line cutting) that you wouldn’t even notice that these are culottes until upon closer inspection. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wished that I could wear a skirt and not have to worry about the way I sit. With culottes like these, I can finally have my cake and eat it!

That said, believe me, the word culottes initially struck fear in me because these bottoms aren’t exactly the easiest type to style. Due to its cutting, it can make even the thinnest of ladies look bulky. I have come to realize that the best way to counter this problem is to pair them with form-fitting tops as this enhances the feminine silhouette and makes your waistline more visible. 
If you prefer to pair them with loose knits, be sure to tuck in your top for the same reasons I mentioned above. I wore mine here with a light merino wool sweater in a shade of grey as I wanted my navy culottes to stand out more. 

Top from Uniqlo
Culottes from Love Bonito
Necklace from Xanna Reis
Bag from Valentino
Shoes from Christian Louboutin

Without accessorizing, this will most certainly pass off as a Normcore outfit. 
What’s Normcore? 
In layman terms, it’s a unisex style that is all about wearing simple and basic pieces such as jeans, t-shirts and casual, plain shirts.
It’s a minimalist trend that I find rather interesting and would personally like to emulate, but knowing me, I just couldn’t resist prettifying this seemingly normcore ensemble with a pop of pink, a dose of accessories and a dash of glitter.

 Vintage perfume bracelet from Select 18 in Hong Kong
Special thanks also goes out to Xanna Reis for the intricate necklace in gorgeous shades of pastel pink and pistachio.

 If you follow me on instagram (@reginachow_sg), you would probably find this necklace familiar.  I love how it instantly dresses up the bare neckline and jazzes up the otherwise plain outfit.
It is currently sold out on the site, but you can still get yours via backorder here.
Happy shopping and hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Fashion Fridays!