As much as I would like to say it is perfectly fine to wear crop tops to work, the truth of the matter is, no, crop tops that reveal your midriff are not meant for the office, unless perhaps you are in the creative industry and dressing as such may be acceptable. 
Otherwise, it is difficult to be taken seriously in these midriff-baring tops and the last thing you would want is to be reprimanded at work for your choice of clothes.
But if you insist on wearing your crop tops to work, I would suggest wearing high-waist bottoms that cover up the midriff entirely. Alternatively, an easier way out would be to cover up with a blazer that’s buttoned up throughout the day. You can always let the buttons come off after work to reveal your crop top and midriff in their full glory. This method also allows you to take your look from day to night without compromising on professionalism.
Today’s edition of Fashion Fridays showcases a crop top ensemble that I would personally wear for work. This cape blazer from Love Bonito may not come with buttons, but all you have to do is pin up the front with a brooch to make the outfit work appropriate. Remove the brooch or the blazer altogether after work and you’ll have an outfit for a lovely dinner date and drinks. 

 Crop top, pleated pants and blazer from Love Bonito
Shoes from Valentino
Bag from Givenchy
Cuff from Hermes
Shades from Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead!