The festive season is just around the corner, which means it’s time for parties and feasting! December is always an exciting month for me, because not only is it my birthday month, it’s probably the only time of the year other than Chinese New Year when I can feast to my heart’s delight and not feel guilty about it because everyone else in the world is having a ball of a time! 
Well, technically, I don’t feel guilty about it until I start to notice unsightly bulges around my tummy. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I don’t always have abs or a flat tummy all year round as I am prone to indigestion and bloating. I am generally blessed with a high metabolic rate, but when I overeat, which is unavoidable during this season, I tend to pile on the pounds in the most undesirable areas like my tummy and arms. Fortunately, I have Reduze PRO with me to save the day during the Christmas and New Year festivities.
Reduze PRO – S$128/box (60 capsules) – 1 month supply

Did you know that detox is one of the most important steps to achieve weight loss? A study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity published in 2010 has shown that weight loss releases excess toxins into the body, hence it is necessary to detoxify your body as you embark on your weight loss regime. 

Reduze PRO was specifically developed with this in mind and its triple action synbiotic formula helps you to detox, burn fat and lose weight effectively.

Here’s what it does:

1) Rebalance Gut Flora
– Increase Weight Loss Bacteria
-Decrease Weight Gain Bacteria 

2) Improve Digestive Function

– Increase Bowel Frequency
– Reduce Fat/Toxin Accumulation 
3) Sustainable Weight Loss
-Increase Fat Metabolism
-Increase Satiety
Unbalanced gut flora is one of the root causes of obesity,  as it leads to an increase in appetite, toxins and fat storage. This, coupled with a decrease in metabolism, eventually results in weight gain. Reduze PRO’s unique blend of ingredients breaks the weight gain cycle by rebalancing gut flora and eliminating toxins to achieve sustainable weight loss.

The synbiotic formula, which comprises both prebiotics and probiotics, helps to improve digestion functions. Prebiotics increases satiety, which means you feel full for a longer period of time. In this case, Reduze PRO helps you to feel full for up to 6 hours after meals! Each dose of Reduze PRO also delivers 20 billion live probiotics to optimize fat loss and trim your tummy. 

Clinical studies have also proven that Reduze PRO improves bowel frequency by 52% and I can certainly attest to this. Extensive travelling in the past month has taken a toll on my digestive health and bowel regularity, but after taking Reduze PRO for about 2 weeks now, I realized that my bowel regularity has improved. My stomach also feels less bloated from indigestion. More importantly, it looks much flatter too. Thanks to my trimmer tummy, my crop tops can finally see the light of day again after taking a break!

In addition to bowel regularity, Reduze PRO also promises 8 times more weight loss, a 52% improvement in bowel frequency, 29% less calorie intake and a clearer complexion.
To feel the initial difference, it is recommended that you take the product for at least 4 weeks. 2 pills once a day before food is all it takes. You can also start off with 3 pills once daily before food for faster results. As only natural ingredients are used, Reduze PRO is suitable for long-term consumption as there are no adverse side effects.

I’ve only taken the product for 2 weeks, but I am already very pleased with how it has tackled my indigestion and bowel irregularity issues thus far. Now, I can eat all I want without having to worry about indigestion and weight gain!

Reduze PRO has also kindly extended a special discount to all my readers should you be keen to give it a try. 
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