The little black dress has and always will be a wardrobe staple, but the often neglected little nude dress is just as timeless, don’t you think? The personification of grace and sophistication, the little nude dress has a softer, gentler side that allows you to make a statement with understated elegance.

One wonderful aspect about this subtle hue is that it gives you free rein to play around with textures and layers. In this case, cascading ruffles are the main focal point of my little nude dress. Details like ruffles lend an inexplicably girly appeal to nude dresses.  On the contrary, imagine if the dress was in a darker shade like black. The striking colour coupled with ruffles would give the dress a more garish persona. If gaudy and overdone are adjectives that you would like to avoid, sticking to subtler shades would be your best bet.


To jazz up the plain colour palette, I threw on a pair of fierce animal print lace-up heels from Zara in a similar hue no less. Lace-up heels never fail to add a dose of edginess without compromising on femininity. 
To balance out the edginess, a touch of pearls in the form of earrings and an arm cuff were added to complete the ensemble.

Dress from Yuan (Far East Plaza)
Shoes from Zara
Clutch from Saint Laurent
Accessories from Chanel

This series of photographs was taken at Quayside Isle, one of only places in Singapore that reminds me of Sydney and instantly puts me in a holiday mood. Quality couple
time, fresh air and outdoor activities that do not involve shopping
malls, sprawling beaches and the beautiful harbour – these are just some
of the things I miss. On a totally unrelated note, the one year we spent in Sydney created so many wondrous memories and personal development opportunities, both for us as a couple and for each of us as an individual.
What struck me the hardest was that work-life balance, an important aspect that Singaporeans value but strive so hard to achieve, seemed to come so naturally to those who live in Australia.  The one year in Sydney led me to realize that there is more to life than making a living.
Life used to be all about work for me. I used to be more negative and cynical, frequently complaining about how badly life was treating me. We all need to make a living, but more importantly, we need to create a life worth living for. That nagging thought gave me the impetus to pursue my passion for writing relentlessly, through blogging. 
I write a lot in the course of my work, but creative writing is a different ballgame altogether. Your vocabulary is wider, your sentence structures less restricted, and your thoughts are allowed to run wild, no holds barred. It excites my senses and stimulates every cell in my body. It makes me feel alive. And this is what keeps me going, day after day. 
I might write about fashion today, my travel escapades tomorrow and beauty products the following day, but every single word that is printed on this humble space comes straight from my heart. You cannot believe how thankful I am to each and every one of you out there who continue to read my ramblings, and I hope today’s Fashion Fridays post would serve as a source of inspiration to you, beyond just fashion, to pursue your passion, live your dreams and bring meaning to your lives.
Have a great weekend ahead!