I have been under the weather for about a week and I am croaking like a toad now. Those of you who have interacted with me can probably attest to that. That also explains why I haven’t been blogging as often as I ought to. Now that I’m a little better, I thought I’d squeeze in a fashion post to pique your interest. 
Have you read my previous post on denim dresses and how to look taller? My obsession with denim isn’t over yet. Today’s post is all about the denim shirt, another classic wardrobe staple. As incredible as this may sound, this is the first denim shirt that has successfully made its way into my bursting wardrobe. I have never been a fan of shirts as my petite size makes finding a fitting shirt just as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

My fairy godmother must have heard my constant pleas because I finally found the perfect denim shirt that fits me to a T at H&M (their size 32 fits me like a charm). The best part is, the material is relatively thin, which means you can wear out it in our humid weather without sweating buckets.
There are many
ways to go about styling a denim shirt, and you’ll definitely see me experimenting
with different styles in time to come.
I was going for a more feminine
look in this post, hence lace tiered shorts seemed like the best match. To keep the look clean and simple yet interesting, all I did was to add a
touch of gold accents in the form of a belt and a whimsical clock bag.
Shirt from H&M
Shorts from Dip Drops (Japanese label)
Leather Loafers from Beijing (gift from Yitian)
Clock Bag from Taobao
Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs

These days, I
find myself picking out classic wardrobe pieces, basics that will stand
the test of time and can be worn again and again. Perhaps it’s a sign of
age or maturity? I still lust for the latest trends every once in a
while, but my aim now is to build a classic wardrobe, one that will
always be in style regardless of what is trending. You know what, I can almost hear my
husband heave a sigh of relief!

A crisp white
shirt, denim shirt, dark jeans, the little black dress, simple fitted
t-shirts and vests in classic colours (black and white or stripes) are
just some of my wardrobe staples. What about you? What do you consider
as wardrobe staples?