Amidst the sea of black dresses in my work wardrobe lies a growing collection of cobalt blue dresses. To me, other than nude dresses (read my previous post here), cobalt blue is the next best alternative to black. The colour is strikingly beautiful and it really stands out from the crowd, but even then, it looks professional enough for work. 
Honestly, I find it difficult to find another colour that fits the above criteria.
One of my latest cobalt blue dresses hails from ClubCouture. A design inspired by Three Floor, it is surprisingly well-made given its pocket-friendly price.

 Dress c/o ClubCouture
Shoes from Pazzion
Bag from Givenchy
Earrings from Chanel

I got mine in
UK size 4 and it fits me perfectly, which is a dream come true because Three Floor’s sizing tends to run a little larger and I would
usually have to get them altered to fit my petite frame.
I’ll be heading to Maldives this weekend but I’ve been ill for some time now. I’ve been coughing for weeks (hello sleepless nights) and I was just diagnosed with conjunctivitis earlier this week. Yes, bad things do come in threes – cough, sleepless nights and conjunctivitis. 
The only positive thing that came out of this is that I have miraculously developed abs as a byproduct of prolonged coughing. Oh yes, every cloud has a silver lining. A flat and toned tummy is exactly what I need for a beach getaway.
Thankfully, my eyes seemed to have recovered and my cough subsided a little this morning, just as my excitement is building up. Now, let’s hope it stays this way so I can recover quickly.
More updates from Maldives soon!