I had the pleasure of visiting Asian Skin Solutions at Park Mall recently for a much needed pampering facial treatment. It has been a while since I last had a facial and now that I am past 30, I figured it’s about time I showered my skin with a little more tender loving care. 

The last time I went for a facial was probably more than 5 years ago. The reason? I never liked extractions and somehow, my skin always ended up looking worse. Smooth, radiant, glowing skin after a facial was something that I have never quite experienced till I came across Asian Skin Solutions, specializing in Asian skin. In fact, I was pretty impressed after just 1 session and was tempted to sign up for a package thereafter.

What’s different about Asian Skin Solutions?
Skin Solutions develops facial treatments targeted at common skin
problems faced by Asians, such as acne, pigmentation and large pores.
Each facial treatment is customized based on your skin’s needs to get to
the root of the problem and restore your skin’s overall balance. 

I was also very happy to learn that only mild extractions are performed at Asian Skin Solutions as they believe that extractions will actually enlarge pores over time.

Before each facial treatment, the therapist will conduct a comprehensive skin analysis to analyze your skin’s current condition before recommending a suitable treatment. 

What happens during the Skin Analysis?

After filling up a questionnaire about my medical background and lifestyle, I was ushered into a cozy consultation room for a skin analysis. My skin was tested using a handheld device for moisture level, oiliness, pigmentation, roughness, wrinkles, pore size and sebum production.

Here’s a photo that I took before the facial treatment started.I had nothing on except for sunblock and eyelash extensions and my skin generally looks fine. However, on closer inspection in real life, you will realize that I have pigmentation on my upper cheeks. Pigmentation is one of my main gripes and I am pretty sure mine is hereditary as my mum suffers from it as well.

With Sunblock and Eyelash Extensions

Unfortunately, the skin analysis revealed that my pigmentation problem is pretty serious.

I have not been using a moisturizer on a regular basis for years until recently, I also have
dehydrated and oily sensitive skin that is prone to occasional breakouts. This was further confirmed by the skin analysis.

I was told that the optimal moisture level is at least 60% and when your skin is dehydrated, it tends to secrete more oil, which leads to oilier skin. 

The overall results showed that my skin only fared well in terms of smoothness, as can be seen from the red circle in the middle. The more red circles you have in the middle, the better your skin condition is. To be honest, my results set off some alarm bells and left me feeling a little panicky!

Anyhow, I was told that with regular treatments and better care (I have to remember to moisturize!), my skin condition should improve and that put me at ease. Based on my current skin condition, the therapist at Asian Skin Solutions recommended that I try out the Repairing Collagen+ Treatment. This treatment helps to boost hydration and hasten the cell renewal process.

As we age, we lose collagen,
which provides the structural support and foundation for our skin. As a
matter of fact, we begin to lose collagen from the time we hit 18 years
of age and the collagen degradation rate increases exponentially later on when we hit our 30s.
Eventually, our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles set in. Hence, taking good care of your skin is of paramount importance to prevent premature aging.
What can you expect from the Repairing Collagen Treatment?

Before I take you through the treatment process, here are some photos of the VIP treatment room. I really appreciate the small sink next to the treatment bed as I usually prefer to remove my hard contact lenses before facials so that I can catch a few winks and also enjoy the face and eye massage.

After removing my contact lenses, I changed into a comfortable robe and slipped under the covers while I waited in anticipation for the treatment to commence.

In case you were wondering, the entire process took a little less than 2 hours, which I thought was just about right.

Step 1: Cleansing and Exfoliating
The therapist
first removed my make-up with cleansing milk, followed by a double
cleanse with a cleansing gel and a light scrub. My skin felt thoroughly
cleansed and I really enjoyed the gentle facial massage that accompanied
the cleansing process.

Step 2: Mild Extraction
Next, the therapist applied their in-house X-Lotion to soften my skin as she noticed that I had some oil seeds and blackheads which would require extraction. A facial steamer was also used to open up my pores to smoothen the extraction process. 
I didn’t
experience much pain during extraction as it was only done selectively
on areas that warranted immediate attention. 
Step 3: Application of Collagen Essence with Cryotech Machine 
A thick layer of collagen essence was then applied onto my face after extraction, followed by the use of a Cryotech machine to enhance the penetration of nutrients.  
 You will feel an icy cold sensation when the machine touches your face, which I personally felt was very therapeutic and refreshing. This step also helped to calm any post-extraction redness.
Step 4: Face & Eye Massage
My favourite part of the treatment was the face and eye massage. My eyes are constantly tired and strained as I am in front of the computer most of the time, but the eye massage around my eye contours instantly melted away the tension, leaving me with a glorious feeling of rejuvenation. 

Step 5: Collagen+ Double-Mask Application
My skin was treated to a luxurious double mask thereafter,which includes a hydrating mask as the base layer and a collagen mask on top to seal in the goodness. A shoulder and back massage ended the session on an even sweeter note, as the therapist expertly kneaded away all the aches and knots from my intense hot yoga session the day before.

How did I find the overall experience and was the facial treatment effective?
The overall experience was absolutely indulgent, relaxing and gratifying. More importantly, my skin felt silky smooth and soft to the touch immediately after and the effects lasted for about a week. Even my husband felt that my skin was much smoother.

Here is a picture of me right after the facial treatment. The redness from the extraction earlier had subsided and I could head out without any make-up. I remember looking hideous after facials in the past, complete with red marks all over and some swelling, so this was definitely a welcomed change.

Immediately after the facial treatment at Asian Skin Solutions
 Subsequently, I was brought back to the consultation room for another round of skin analysis after my facial treatment.  To my delight, my skin moisture level improved by leaps and bounds from 46% to 63%, which meant that my skin was now in the healthy zone in terms of hydration. While a higher moisture level is usually expected after facial treatments, this dramatic improvement (by about 20%) truly came as a surprise.

Based on my overall results, my wrinkles also appeared to be less severe after just one treatment. I am pretty confident that there will be significant progress in my skin’s condition over time if I embark on a package of 10 facial treatments with Asian Skin Solutions.

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