I have always been a fan of Korean cosmetics and skincare because they are formulated to suit asian skin and usually come with relatively affordable price tags.
There are so many Korean brands in the market to cater to your every whim and fancy, but did you know that LJH Cosmetics (otherwise known as Lee Ji Ham Cosmetics) was the first Korean company to develop and introduce cosmeceuticals, a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, to promote healthy skin? Such beauty products are hard to come by, and it was this key value proposition of LJH cosmetics that piqued my interest in their products.
I was first introduced to LJH Cosmetics through HKC Plaza, a factory and aesthetics beauty clinic chain in Korea with over 38 brands and 6,000 beauty, fashion and lifestyle products under its wing. Through HKC Plaza, I also had the opportunity to review two of LJH Cosmetics’ top selling products, namely 1) Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack and 2) Vital CC Cream. In today’s post, I will be sharing my thoughts on both products with you.

The Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack is LJH Cosmetics’ all-time bestseller and it is certainly not hard to see why. I have been using it as a deep cleansing and whitening cleanser twice a week now, and not only is it a fun product to use, it actually works. 
The key benefits of the product include:
1) Improved overall skin tone
2) Instant whitening effect
3) Removal of dead skin cells and impurities
The cleanser also comes in a handy pump bottle which is great for preventing contamination. I especially love how it transforms from a translucent gel consistency to a
thick, silky rich foam lather upon seconds of contact with the skin.

Once you see the bubbles forming, give your face a gentle massage to dislodge all the grime and impurities from the surface of your skin before rinsing with water thereafter. 

Here’s a before and after comparison of my face after using LJH Cosmetics’ Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack:

As you can tell, my skin looks brighter and fairer immediately after. Although both pictures were taken under yellow lighting, you can also tell that my skin tone in the ‘after’ picture is less yellowish. 

Besides its brightening effect, I really like this product’s ability to deep cleanse without the use of microbeads or acids unlike most exfoliating cleansers, making it perfect for sensitive skin. 

All-in-one beauty products are a must for my hectic lifestyle and LJH Cosmetics’ Vital CC Cream has since become my ideal beauty companion. It works like a dream when it comes to concealing imperfections, yet it also contains sunscreen (SPF 30) and vitamin C essence in its formulation to ensure that your skin is adequately nourished and protected from harmful UV rays. Those of us with sensitive skin will also be happy to know that LJH Cosmetics’ Vital CC Cream is clinically proven to be hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
When I first applied the product on to my skin, I was initially a little taken aback by its pasty, greyish white appearance. I was worried that I would end up looking ghastly, but after spreading it evenly over my face, I came to realize that it actually blends seamlessly with my skin tone.  

Can you tell the difference before and after? I tested it on my hand and put both hands together as a comparison. On closer look, you would notice that the veins on my right hand became less obvious and my skin tone was half a shade fairer as well.

Here’s a before and after comparison of the product on my face:

 I have pigmentation on my upper cheeks and it looks even worse as a result of a recent zit which caused redness in the surrounding area. However, after dabbing on LJH Cosmetics’ Vital
CC cream, my skin looks almost flawless. It gives my skin a nice glow as well, which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

How does it feel on my skin? Products that do a good job of covering imperfections generally have a thicker consistency which leads to caking, but the Vital CC cream is just the opposite. 

Not only does it feel extremely feather-light, there is also no icky, greasy after-feel. It looks and feels just like second skin, plus it has all the benefits of skincare. Isn’t it wonderful to know that beautiful complexion is just one CC cream away?

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