Pastel shades are my favourite colours, but primary colours (think red, blue, yellow) would definitely come in a close second if this was a competition. Bold, eye-catching and absolutely summery, primary colours ensure that you stand out from the crowd. These lovely hues are perfect for summer and would easily brighten up your day.
There are so many ways to wear these colours. Colour blocking with a basic top, bottom and jacket would perhaps be the most effortless way to style primary colours. If you are feeling edgy, go for loud prints and a pair of fierce looking heels in primary colours. Alternatively,  mix it up a little and incorporate some secondary colours too! 

In this outfit post, what you’ll see is a mish mesh of colours, including secondary colours like orange and pink.  I know, one of the rules in fashion is to stick to just 3 colours, but sometimes, rules are meant to be broken and I couldn’t resist these beautiful kaleidoscope of colours (not to mention those pop-up 3D flowers on my blouse that resemble sakuras!). 
To a large extent, the white base was the key to pulling the look together by creating a sense of balance.

If you follow me on instagram (@reginachow_sg), you would probably have gotten a preview of my new pair of electric blue shoes from Zara. 
I personally think that blue is the new black as it jazzes up an ensemble instantly and is versatile enough to be paired with both monochromatic tones and bright, bold hues.
If you were wondering, I bought this top and skirt set from a random shop near my office. I look like I’m wearing a dress when I wear the full set, and what I love most about sets like these is the flexibility of mixing and matching the pieces separately. You get a lot of mileage as you can easily create different looks. The possibilities are endless!

  Shoes from Zara
Bag from Kate Spade
Hair clip from Alannah Hill