My Dream Wardrobe is a newly launched online one-stop portal for all your luxury needs. With a plethora of pre-owned and brand new luxury products across all categories and highly coveted designer brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada, it has everything you need to complete your dream wardrobe!

What is interesting about this new portal is that it caters to both
buyers and sellers alike, hence resellers or individuals like you and me
are welcome to advertise our pre-owned and brand new luxury goods for sale too! 


My Dream Wardrobe possesses an expanding stable of both pre-owned and brand new luxury goods, with new items being added everyday. You can buy or sell anything and everything ranging from bags, accessories, small leather goods, apparel and even watches! 

 Honestly, it is quite the wonderland for luxury goods aficionados. I was especially tempted by the dazzling array of designer bags in a gamut of brands, styles, shapes and textures. Choosing the perfect bag takes time. After all, a bag is not just a place for storing your belongings. It is a extension of yourself, which defines your personal style. With My Dream Wardrobe, one click is all it takes to revel in your favourite designer labels and purchase the latest IT bag!



How does My Dream Wardrobe compare against similar luxury online portals or stores that offer used and brand new luxury goods? In my opinion, here are some of its unique selling points that set it apart from its competitors in the market:

Benefits for both Buyers & Sellers

1) My Dream Wardrobe was developed by Mari-Ads Pte Ltd, an established advertising company based in Singapore, which lends credibility to the set-up.

Benefits for Buyers

1) It is the only portal in Singapore that verifies the mobile numbers and email addresses of advertisers. Buyers can be assured that the sellers advertising on My Dream Wardrobe are 100% genuine.


 2) Unlike many portals, My Dream Wardrobe charges sellers a fee for advertising with them to weed out insincere buyers and spam. 

Benefits for Individual Sellers

Merchants selling pre-owned and brand new luxury products can benefit from My Dream Wardrobe as it provides an additional platform for advertising your products and can complement your existing marketing strategies.  

What about individual sellers like you and me? With the rise of instagram and online resellers in the market which are fast gaining popularity with individuals sellers for listing both used and luxury goods, what is it that My Dream Wardrobe offers that gives it a competitive edge? 

Well, here’s the deal:

1) The contact verification system offered by My Dream Wardrobe gives buyers the assurance and confidence to make purchases.

2)  The search function on My Dream Wardrobe allows buyers to zoom into a specific brand or product, without them having to waste time scrolling through pages after pages of products that may not be of any interest to them. Buyers can immediately find the products of their desire at their fingertips, which increases the probability of purchase. 

On the contrary, one of the pitfalls of advertising with instagram resellers is that the multitude of items posted daily may result in your item getting lost in a sea of other products on sale. The lack of a search function on instagram also means that more often than not, you have to leave everything to chance.
3) More importantly, the advertising charges are very reasonable compared to most instagram resellers which charge anything from S$5 – S$50 per listing. 

Each advertisement on My Dream Wardrobe costs just $3 for 8 weeks!  This is a special promotional price offered by My Dream Wardrobe in line with the soft launch of its new website and each advertisement is slated to be priced in the region of S$10-S$15 after the official launch, so be sure to take advantage of the deal while it lasts!

If you are interested in posting an advertisement, here are 3 easy steps to go about doing it. 

I have also posted the steps below for your easy reference:


I am sure many of us
have pre-loved or brand new luxury goods that have not seen the light of
day in a while. Well, maybe it is time to give your bags, watches or
apparel a new lease of life by putting them up for sale on My Dream Wardrobe

that you have more space in your wardrobe, you can also take the
opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and take a peek at what
else is available for sale at My Dream Wardrobe. Make room for a new
bag, watch, or accessory of your choice to achieve the wardrobe of your

In line with the launch of its new website and the upcoming festive season, My Dream Wardrobe has launched not one, but two Facebook contests, where you’ll stand to win amazing prizes!

Here are more details about both contests:

 1) My Dream Wardrobe Facebook Contest – Win a Staycation at One15 Marina Club!

Treat yourself to a luxurious 2d1n staycation at Asia’s finest Marina and Leisure hub, ONE15 Marina Club!

Click here to participate in My Dream Wardrobe’s Like & Share Facebook Contest to Win a 2D1N Staycation at One15 Marina Club!

Step 1 – Like My Dream Wardrobe on Facebook.

Step 2 – Like + Share the post on your Facebook wall with the comment: “I like My Dream Wardrobe because (share with them your reasons here)!”

Winner will be announced and notified via Facebook on 15th December 2013, Sunday, at 3pm.

Details of Staycation:

– Check-in Date: 28th December 2013
– Complimentary Continental breakfast buffet for 2pax

Contest is for 21 years of age and older only.

2) My Dream Wardrobe Christmas Giveaway!


Click here to participate in My Dream Wardrobe’s Like & Share Christmas Giveaway to Win a 45 min Bamboo Rolling Massage by Beyond Beauty!

Step 1 – Like My Dream Wardrobe on Facebook.

Step 2
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10 Lucky Winners will be announced and notified via Facebook on 25th December 2013!

Good luck to everyone!