Tokyo Bust Express kindly extended an invitation to me to experience their bust treatments at City Square Mall recently, to which I readily agreed as I have heard from fellow bloggers who have undergone Tokyo Bust Express treatments that only natural ingredients are used and the results are instantaneous, even with just one treatment! It sounded so miraculous that I thought I ought to try it for myself.
What struck me the moment I arrived at the Tokyo Bust Express branch at City Square Mall was how thoughtful the company is. The name of the shop was discreetly etched behind the reception counter against a neutral backdrop to protect the privacy of its customers and prevent curious stares from passersby, a very telling gesture that speaks volumes about how customer oriented the company is.
Upon stepping into their branch at City Square Mall, I was greeted by the warm and affable staff who made me a cup of delicious fruit tea while I waited for my consultation to begin.  I also loved the cozy ambience which put me at ease immediately.

As I sipped on my tea, I couldn’t help but notice the pictures of models with enviable figures that every lady would aspire towards.  
Truth be told, I am not particularly well endowed and although plastic surgery may seem tempting, I can never bring myself to go under the knife.
 Some years back, I discovered lumps in my breasts and that caused alarm bells to ring because breast cancer is the number 1 cancer among women in Singapore! Thankfully, after consulting a specialist and undergoing a couple of tests, I was told that the lumps are fibroids (unlike cancerous lumps which are hard nodules, these are tender and move about within the breast) and there wasn’t any cause for concern.  
You can imagine how relieved I was, but that episode also served as a reminder that my health should never be taken for granted, which is why I would never put myself at unnecessary risk for the sake of beauty. Honestly, I never thought that I would share this piece of information on my blog, but I wanted to let those of you who have the same issue know that you are not alone!

Well, then why did I decide to visit Tokyo Bust Express? Tokyo Bust Express is the largest bust enhancement centre in Singapore and its treatments
are not just for enhancement purposes. I had a very candid discussion with my consultant regarding my fibrocystic breasts and was told that one of the causes of breast
fibroids is the lack of circulation in the lymph nodes which limits lymphatic flow. 
is one possible way to enhance lymphatic drainage and promote better breast health. Similarly, Tokyo Bust Express treatments are able to boost
circulation and help in lymphatic drainage as well as detoxification to promote better breast
health and reduce the risk of cancer, which addresses my concerns.
If bust enhancement is your main concern, here’s what you need to know. A common misconception is that breasts are made up of fats. In reality, breasts are made up of both fats and mammary glands. If your bust size decreases when you lose weight, which is a common complaint among many ladies, chances are your breasts are made up of more fats than mammary glands as fats are the first to go during weight loss. This is the reason why Tokyo Bust Express focuses on the stimulation of mammary glands for bust enhancement instead.
Of course, it also helps that natural ingredients are used in all Tokyo Bust Express treatments. The key ingredients include:
1) Fenugreek Seed Extract: A unique herb that is rich in phyto-estrogens, active plant cells with estrogen-like properties (estrogen is the female hormone) that promote breast health and lower your risk of cancer.
2) Mexican Wild Yam Root: This is an excellent source of beta-carotene and diosgenin, which are powerful phyto-estrogens to aid in breast development.

3) Dang Gui Root: This is probably no stranger to most Asians. Used to treat menopausal symptoms and also typically taken after each menstrual cycle for iron replacement, Dang Gui Root is able to effectively balance women’s hormone levels.
4) Humulu Lupulus: Also known as Hops Flower, this is a Eurasian shrub which is rich in flavonoids and highly valued for its anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties. It also promotes the development of mammary glands. 

After the very detailed consultation, I changed into a robe and had my measurements taken. A personalized bust analysis was conducted and it revealed that one of my breasts was higher than the other and there were some initial signs of sagging (sob!). Fortunately, all that was about to change as I was led to the treatment room. 
The treatment room was tastefully decorated in neutral hues, complemented with feminine shades of red and pink. The sprinkle of rose petals on the bed added a nice touch too. I was all ready to kick back, relax and begin my customized treatment!
Here’s what my treatment included:
1) Firming Scrub
2) TT Push Up Machine (with Bust Toning Essence)
3) Bust Up Therapy
4) Bust Suction Therapy

The treatment started off with a firming scrub. We all know how important exfoliation is in enhancing the absorption of nutrients, don’t we? 
 Next up was the TT Push Up Machine, where two flat, circular plates were placed on each breast to stimulate my mammary glands through the use of electric currents. You will feel a light, pulsating sensation during this treatment. Before the treatment started, I was half expecting to be shocked by the current, but it turned out to be pretty comfortable and I even dozed off for a while.  
My favourite step was the manual massage (Bust Up Therapy), where my therapist expertly massaged my bust with her deft hands to unclog the lymph nodes and boost blood circulation. My bust area felt rejuvenated and I could also feel an immediate difference in terms of fullness and softness. The therapist warned that this was the most painful step out of the routine, but my high pain threshold made the process rather pleasurable.
The last step, Bust Suction Therapy, entailed the use of two pumps with suction pressure to lift and enhance the overall shape of the bust.
The results of the treatment were nothing short of amazing. I experienced fullness, firmness and softness immediately. There was also a noticeable lifting effect which was further proven with measurements. I was impressed! 
The effects after 1 treatment generally lasts a few days (it lasted about a week for me!), which is why it is important to follow up with regular sessions (at least 5-10 sessions) for maintenance and longer lasting results.  
In line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Tokyo Bust Express is pleased to offer an October Pink Ribbon Special to all my readers. 
You’ll get to enjoy:
1 Complimentary Bust Customised Health Treatment + 1 Bust Collagen Volumizer (U.P S$1,266)
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– Only for females aged 18 years old and above
– Strictly by appointment only
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