Unboxing my Vanity Trove for the month of September was so much fun! I managed to snag a couple of full-sized items for my personalized Vanity Trove and I couldn’t wait to try out the products!
Here are the products that I received this month:

At just S$25 per month, these full-sized products make Vanity Trove such a value-for-money 
1) Canmake Eye Nuance 26 (Full Sized)

I only use brown eyeshadow palettes these days because it is so easy to create bigger, more deep set eyes with shades of brown. This Canmake Eye Nuance 26 eyeshadow trio is a nifty addition to my collection of brown eyeshadows. Not only is it highly pigmented, it also has just the right amount of glitter to achieve a subtle yet 3-D sparkle without looking like a disco ball. 
The compact size makes it extremely handy for travelling too. I’ll be heading to China for a work trip next week and I’m definitely popping this in my suitcase!
2) Maybelline Pure BB Mineral 8-in-1 BB Mousse (Full Sized)

Priced at S$23.90 and available at Watsons stores, this Maybelline Pure BB Mineral 8-in-1 BB Mousse is yet another full sized item that I chose this month.
Its 8 key pure mineral ingredients promise to deliver 8 skin-improving benefits:
1. Healthier skin
2. Natural radiance
3. Poreless finish 
4. Clarity 
5. Reduced dullness
6. Reduced redness
7. Hydration
8. Increased elasticity
I like its light and airy texture which is a welcome departure from the creamy texture of most BB creams. Its matte, poreless finish is great for our humid weather too.
However, as it only comes in 1 shade, I find that the colour is a shade darker than my actual skin tone although it is supposed to oxidize to your skin colour. The pump dispenser is also a little difficult to control and tends to dispense more than what is required, which I feel is rather wasteful because a small dollop is all I need for my face. 
3) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (Sample Size 118ml)

My first impression when I saw this bottle of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser was that it is pretty generous for a sample size item. I have used Cetaphil previously and I like how gentle it is to the skin. I prefer to use it on bare skin when I wake up in the morning. If I use it at night, I use it together with my trusty Clarisonic to gently exfoliate all the grime and dirt away.
4) Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel Fluid Paste (Full Sized)
Priced at $36 in stores, the Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel Fluid Paste is another value-for-money item in my Vanity Trove this month. I got this for my hubby to try as he uses hair mud to style his hair and this seemed like the perfect alternative as it promises to combine the lightness of fluid with the strength of paste to deliver excellent hold without weighing down your hair. 
My hubby liked the soft and dry texture but above all, he liked how he was able to achieve different looks without weighing his hair down.
5) Storyderm Coenzyme Q10 Silk Mask and Fancl Aging Care Mask

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you would have realized that I love sheet masks. This time round, I decided to try Storyderm’s Coenzyme Q10 Silk Mask and Fancl’s Aging Care Mask.

Storyderm’s Coenzyme Q10 Silk Mask is a great hydration mask. My face felt instantly moisturized but it would be best to follow up with a facial moisturizer thereafter if you sleep in an air-conditioned room like I do, as the effects do not last through the night.

I really liked Fancl’s Aging Care Mask as the entire mask is soaked in essence. I usually don’t fancy masks that leave a stick after feel, but this mask is an exception because I could see that my skin looked more hydrated, plumped up and radiant after just one usage. I used it at night before bed without using any skincare after that and my skin still felt very moisturized when I woke up the next morning. It is a challenge for my skin to remain hydrated throughout the night, especially when I sleep in an air-conditioned room, hence I would give this two thumbs up for its amazing moisturizing properties!

6) Kerastase Elixir Ultime (Sample Size)

This is not the first time that I am using Kerastase Elixir Ultime but this time, it came as a surprise item in my Vanity Trove! I love the fragrant scent of this luxurious hair serum, which effectively tames frizziness without any oily after feel. A little goes a long way, and I like how I can just pop this into my cosmetic pouch when I go travelling. How convenient! This is yet another item that I’m taking with me on my trip next week.
And that’s all I have for this month’s Vanity Trove! 
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