I was brimming with excitement when I received my first personalized Vanity Trove some weeks back. Everything in this trove was handpicked by me and I knew that I would definitely put each and every item to good use because they’re tailored to my beauty profile and preferences. 
Did I also mention that the delivery was extremely swift? I received my trove the day right after my order was placed. How very efficient!

Here’s a glimpse at what I chose for my first personalized trove! I received a mystery gift too, and it came in the form of two fruity lite drink sachets, which I will review in detail at the end of the post. 
Now, let’s check out the other products that I’ve been wanting to try out.
I am sure Dr Georgia Lee needs no introduction as she is a familiar face in Singapore’s beauty scene. DrGL is Dr Lee’s custom range of skincare specially formulated for Asian skin. I’ve been thinking of trying the DrGL Collagen Essence as it is one of the most highly raved products in this skincare range. 
The collagen essence works well as a moisturizer and suits all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is extremely lightweight and easily absorbed by my skin, which makes it a great moisturizer for our humid weather. The best part is, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue or film on your face. It feels just like water but it is incredibly effective in keeping my skin hydrated.

I always like to keep a tube of aloe vera with me when I travel because temperature and climate changes cause my eczema-prone skin to flare up. I love the cooling sensation of the Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel when it is first applied as it soothes and calms my inflamed skin instantly. I use this on my body and the handy size of this sample makes it the perfect travel companion. 
Did you know that this multi-purpose gel can be used on your face too? I’ve yet to try it for myself but it can be used to treat a variety of ailments ranging from sunburn, rashes,  bruises and even insect bites!

I’ve heard many rave reviews about Avance Dou Demaquillant Super Eye-Makeup Remover and have been tempted to buy it on several occasions. Thanks to Vanity Trove, I could try this at just a fraction of the original price. 😉 I chose the sample size for my trove, but this is available in full size too! It is a pity that my fingers were too slow and it ran out by the time I placed my order. 
This bi-phase make-up remover makes it a breeze to remove waterproof eye-makeup. My waterproof liquid eyeliner and waterproof eyelash glue residue came off with just one swipe without causing any irritation to my eyes. I’m definitely going to buy the full sized item when this runs out!
I have tried GO60’s Go Hydrate Masque in my May Vanity Trove previously and was delighted by how hydrated and plump my skin was. If you are interested in my previous review, click here.

This time, I decided to try their Go Spot-Free Treatment Masque . It would be too onerous to expect the mask to fade away my pigmentation because that just wouldn’t be possible. However, this mask was effective in brightening my complexion without any sticky after feel. Not only did my skin look more radiant, it also felt smoother and more hydrated. Having only used it once, I can’t say much about its spot-free treatment. But this is definitely a great hydrating and brightening mask.

The other sheet mask that I tried was My Beauty Diary’s 2-Step Asia Brightening Pack . Unlike other sheet masks, this particular mask comes with a moisturizer to be applied after the mask. My skin felt thoroughly moisturized after masking, but it felt rather sticky too as the essence and moisturizer were both pretty rich. I personally prefer masks that do not leave a sticky after feel due to the humid climate here, hence I wouldn’t use this in Singapore. Instead, I think this would be a better choice for when I travel to colder climates and would require more hydration. 

Vichy is another brand that I have been thinking of trying as its products do not contain soap, parabens or alcohol. Vichy’s Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel has a gel-like consistency that lathers well, resulting in squeaky clean skin immediately after usage. I also love its fruity fragrance!

Huiji Fruity Lite was a mystery gift that came along with my Vanity Trove August edition.  Made from hawthorn fruit and honey, this drink is formulated with vitamin C and xylitol to promote a healthy digestive system. It dissolves readily in both hot and cold water, and is amazingly refreshing to the palate. While I can’t vouch for its effectiveness in aiding digestion, it definitely makes a delicious drink on a warm balmy day.
If you’re interested in trying these products or other products that suit your beauty profile, click here to sign up for your personalized Vanity Trove!