Jean Yip Hairdressing is a household name in Singapore and for many of us living on this sunny island, this is one reputable and established salon that certainly needs no introduction. 
For those of you who are on my Facebook, you may have noticed that I was recently invited to be one of the 10 special guests for Jean Yip’s Style of the Month Campaign! It is a great honour to be able to participate in this 3-month long campaign and from now till September, Jean Yip will be working their magic on my hair. You’ll be getting regular updates on my experience too!

Before I share my first experience at Jean Yip with you, here’s some information on how you can participate in Jean Yip’s Style of the Month Contest and win some prizes!

So, I visited Jean
Yip’s branch at Plaza Singapura earlier this month, where my stylist
Andy, who is also the manager of the branch, gave my hair a fresh coat of colour, a trim and a variety of hair treatments.  Before I take you through the entire hair transformation, here’s a picture of myself when I first stepped into the salon, taken by Andy.

 Prior to colouring, Andy used a machine which showed the state of my scalp. As my scalp was rather oily, he recommended the Scalp Peel Treatment to remove dead skin and cleanse my hair follicles to restore optimal scalp health. This treatment also prepares your scalp for chemical treatments such as colouring, which may expose your scalp to sensitivity.

Andy then picked out a vibrant shade of blonde called Copper Golden Very Light Blond for my dye job. Thankfully for me, my hair colour is naturally brown and it absorbs colour very well, hence no bleaching is required to achieve lighter colours.
After colouring, my hair was treated to an Oxygen Mask. I always make it a point to do hair treatment after colouring as chemical treatments can be damaging in the long run. Given that I touch up my hair colour at least once every 2 months, it is important that the right steps are taken to maintain the condition of my hair and scalp.

Here, you’ll see how glossy and manageable my tresses are after a trim, colour and treatment. If you compare this to my before picture, you will notice that my hair definitely looks smoother, shinier and healthier!

Just when I thought that was the end, Andy surprised me with yet another type of hair treatment called Photo Biostimulation Hair Therapy
 Laser therapy is used in this case to revitalize and nourish hair follicles, with the aim of stimulating and accelerating hair growth. If you face hair loss issues, or even if you just prefer to have a fuller head of hair (like me!), this may just be the solution for you.

Finally, here’s the end result after about 2.5 hours at Jean Yip. I especially enjoyed the variety of hair treatments here, which sets it apart from its competitors.  
Scalp treatments at most salons only involve a scalp cream without the
use of any machines to assess your scalp condition or to remove dead skin
which clogs hair follicles. 
I personally feel that the scalp treatment here is more effective than most scalp treatments that I’ve tried. It left my scalp feeling squeaky clean and my hair felt lighter and more voluminous instantly. My bouncy, cascading curls are the best testament.

I would definitely opt for the scalp treatment again when I next visit Andy for my monthly hair indulgence. I also intend to continue with the Photo Biostimulation Hair Therapy, just to test out the results over time.

You know how
everyone leaves the salon looking fabulous, but after a day, your hair
ends up looking flat and lifeless again? Well, that certainly didn’t
happen for me. Look at how luscious my hair looks on Day 2, after a day
out in our terribly humid weather.
Do watch this space for more hair updates with Jean Yip!