The food in Sydney is wonderful in general, but if I had to pick my top three favourites, Bills would most certainly take the number one spot.

I have been to Bills on countless occasions and they’ve never failed to impress with their all-day breakfast. Karen is a huge fan of pancakes, hence the moment she arrived in Sydney, we whisked her off to Bills’ Darlinghurst branch for their delectable ricotta hotcakes. We were not only the earliest, but also the only customers there at 7.30 a.m. on a weekend!

It was such a joy to savour these pipping hot fluffy hotcakes topped with honeycomb butter and maple syrup, especially on a chilly Saturday morning.

Just last week, JW and I headed there again, with the aim of trying another popular item on the breakfast menu, the sweetcorn fritters. Crunchy on the outside and bursting with flavours on the inside, the corn fritters are fried to golden perfection and so delicious they leave you wanting more! I wish I could have packed some back to Singapore for Karen because both of us are hopelessly in love with corn fritters. This is one dish that cafes in Singapore should put on their menu!

My second favourite is probably Jeans Chilli Chicken at Eastwood.
A delightful yet potent concoction of spicy chicken and melted cheese, this is one of the most interesting dishes that I’ve tried. Accompanied by a hint of sweetness amidst all the spiciness, I love the crunchy texture of the chicken and the thick stretchy layer of cheese.
My stomach can’t handle spiciness very well, but after mixing the chicken with rice and moulding them into little rice balls, I can eat a few of these at one go!

Please excuse JW’s serial killer expression here. Even I find it slightly disturbing.

Finally, my favourite dessert place in Sydney is Adriano Zumbo Pattisier at The Star.

The chef Adriano Zumbo, of Masterchef fame, is the genius behind Zumbarons. For the uninitiated, Zumbarons are the chef’s unique rendition of macarons. These Zumbarons come in the most unusual and unexpected flavours, such as salted butter popcorn, pancake and maple syrup, and peach ice tea, just to name a few.

Unlike its saccharine sweet counterparts, the savoury flavours like salted butter popcorn as well as pancake and maple syrup are what set these lovely confections apart. These two flavours are a breath of fresh air and definitely my favourite of the lot. To me, Zumbarons are perhaps more similar to molecular gastronomy. To be able to taste salted butter popcorn or pancake and maple syrup with each bite is just absolutely amazing! This gets 2 thumbs up from me!