Maybe it’s the cascading layers of frills, the flouncy sleeves, or even the colour, but the first thought that came to mind when I saw this dress was Marie Antoinette, the iconic Queen of France and also the last Queen before the French Revolution took place.

If this dress was longer, it could probably pass off as one of the blue cupcakes gowns that she often wore in Versailles, but that would also make me look like a clown. Haha.

I love Japanese fashion labels and it’s interesting how Japanese fashion seems to draw more attention here as well as in other western countries because the female population tends to favour styles that are chic and edgy or casual and laid-back, rather than sweet and feminine.
Anyway, I’m in better spirits now because September spells the start of Spring! It’s getting much warmer in the day, which means these pretty Japanese dresses can finally see the light of day without having to hide under my thick jackets and coats. September is also a great month because I’ll be off to Melbourne and Hunter Valley! We haven’t got that much time left in Australia, so I hope we’ll be able to cover as many attractions as we possibly can before we return to our crazy lives in Singapore. 😉

Dress from Snidel
Hair accessory from Alannah Hill
Lace leggings from Rubi