Sambal is one of our favourite haunts for lunch these days. I always thought nobody could do Asian street food better than the hawkers in Singapore, but Sambal definitely gives them a run for their money!

The price of the food here is about 3-4 times that of hawker food in Singapore, but the portions are about 3-4 times more too. 😉 I especially like that I can taste the wok hei (the flavour and essence from stir frying with a wok), which in Chinese cooking, is a testament to the chef’s superb culinary skills.

My favourite dish here is the Mee Siam. It is without a doubt, the yummiest Mee Siam I’ve ever tasted, and it even comes with juicy prawns!

My next favourite dish here is Hor fun. For the record, I don’t even like Hor Fun at all, but this is irresistibly good. I’ll post a photo of it when I next order it. 😉

JW had the Chicken Laksa, which was great too, but paled in comparison to the stir fry dishes. But I guess stir fried food usually tastes better because of wok hei.

Besides food, please don’t ever miss out on the fabulous Teh Tarik here. It is not on the menu, but don’t be afraid to ask for it.

I don’t usually take tea, because it makes my heart palpitate and caffeine makes me hungry very quickly, but I have never given the Teh Tarik here a miss. I’ve never had Teh Tarik that tastes this good!

Check out the frothy goodness!
It is smooth, milky and of just the right consistency. I would never miss it for the world.

Eden Park
Shop 7, 285-297 Lane Cove Rd
North Ryde, NSW 2113

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