We had dinner at Hide Yamamoto after visiting the exhibitions at MBS. The restaurant, owned by world-renowned Japanese born and Italian/French trained chef Yamamoto, was so popular, it was fully booked. We were left with the counter seats, but that also meant that that we got to see the food preparation process right before our eyes. It was quite an eye-opening experience watching the chefs work their culinary magic with deft hands.

We shared a plate of california maki and had a ramen each as we were eager to fill our tummies that evening after all the walking that we did. The ramen broth was rich and the ingredients were generously piled on top of the succulent noodles. I had the seafood ramen in a small portion and boy was I surprised when I saw the huge tiger prawn and a whole in-shell scallop topped with cheese. I feel hungry just thinking about it as the ingredients were very fresh. The quality and fragrance of the rice used in the california maki definitely surpassed that of other sushi joints too. I can’t wait to head back to try the other items on the menu!